Russia Today: Arab Spring benefitted Israel! It was an Israeli Spring!

RT: Based on the current situation in the region and the information we have, can we point the finger at somebody and say that they are interested in this scenario more than anybody else?

MC: I can put it this way: We have all heard this expression the Arab Spring, but who has seen the fruit of this spring? No one. Has Egypt elected its president? Or has the spring ended? Almost the same thing is happening in Tunisia and in Yemen. There’s no fruit, there’s just this expression, the Arab Spring.

I really think what we see today is an Israeli Spring. Who will pose a threat to Israel now? Palestinians die every day, and no one protests. Before, even if one Palestinian was killed, there was an outrage. Today, three Palestinians get killed, or ten, or twenty – and nobody says anything. There is not even talk about differences within the Palestinian movement.


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