What the average CNN, Fox News, Huff-Po, Green footballs’ Reader is like?

Some other demands we could add:

Down with conspiracy theories!

Give us Obama again! Or Romney? Uh! Obama! We want a republicrat!

The honest Media are trying their best to report the truth! Like AOL?

Ariana was just trying to make some money. God bless America.

We don’t really care that much!

30.000 Predator Drones? Well, I’ve got nothing to hide!

The Bail out is bailing out the economy, after all, no? It is working!

We need the banks after all to get our credit cards.

“Loverution?” Ha! Ron Paul is a joke! ROMBAMA! ROMBAMA! OBOMNEY!

We love you Google, Facebook, Yahoo, gmail! Yea Apple!!! St. Jobs!

We are the 99 % and proud of it. ENSLAVE US MORE NOW!

Oh Chem trails are so gay!

Give us more Corn syrup and GMO soy in our food please!

We love Monsanto! It will save us from, uh…  famine?

The American Dream is going to make it…democracy will out!


Agenda 21 is cool! Agenda what? Long live the United nations

Let’s get another vaccine beside the 260 we already had.

1 out of 6 autistic? Ooh Conspiracy theory! DON”T TOUCH ME!!!

Religions? BAD! They kill! Oh yes! Let’s attack IRAN they may have nukes!

Bankers are capitalist corporations. Down with capitalism!

Let’s have another people revolution. TED said so.

Population reduction is best for Global Warming.

Yea! Lady Gaga! America’s got so much talent!

(Can you think of any more?)

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