Aspartame killed my wife! STAY AWAY from Diet Coke & hundreds other products!

This man got activated after their products  killed his beloved wife Rose Mary! The elite is trying to “control” or rather to reduce the world population.

Aspartame is in many Wrigleys chewing gums, diet cokes, soft drinks, and many other American products especially. Children and pregnant women are drinking this stuff. Become aware and warn other people, if you don’t want YOUR loved ones to die before it is their time.

God bless this man for getting on the spiritual barricades to defend others from a similar fate. SPREAD THE WORD! DON”T be lackidaisical, apathetic, like “we can do nothing about it! Boohoo!” Yes you CAN do something. Even if you save your friends life or a relative. We are here in this world to learn eternal lessons, and if our lives are cut short because of these God-judged elitists, then we won’t learn as much as we are supposed to. Carpe Diem! Pluck the day! Do something different. Wake up somebody else, so they may live longer. May God bless and protect us all! Believe in God’s love and love others enough to care.

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