Enough Swiss signatures for referendum on new forced vaccine law.

At least some Swiss are awake!

It has been one of the most dramatic campaigns to collect the 50,000 signatures for a referendum in the history of Switzerland. Yesterday, on the final day, and at the last possible hour, the organizers of a referendum against a new centralised law allowing for forced vaccination handed over 51’216 signatures to the Federal Chancellery in Bern.

The time was 9:15 pm. In the final twelve hours hundreds of signatures were collected in all parts of Switzerland sent by courier to the capital to make up the required 50,000 signatures.“The Federal Council’s staff office is now in the process of validating the signatures. As we have been directly working with local administrations, the quality of the signatures should be high,“ writes Roger Burkhardt in an email. A referendum will certainly see the new measure allowing for forced vaccination to be ordered by the Federal Government almost certainly fail.

It will be a bitter blow to the Globalists who have been trying to tighten national vaccine laws behind the scenes in preparation for what appears to be a new round of pandemic hype possibly centred around the Olympics.

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