GREAT ANALYSIS: Gaddafi perfectly exposed the Western Illuminati & paid the price. Or did he?

A great video analysis how Gaddafi opposed the New World Order. How he exposed the United nations failure and hypocrisy. He was accused of murdering his people, which was a lie. Actually other Arab dictatorships are really guilty of such oppression and tyrranny. America itself is much more guilty of suppression and killing its own citizens. Tasering Americans, making FEMA camps to incarcerate Americans and m or murder them via 30.000 drones! This world is so hypocritical! Obama gets a Nobel price for being a peace maker???

Mathaba is saying that Gaddafi is not dead, but that his doppelganger got murdered instead, and that he is really waiting for a chance to make a comeback like Napoleon did. If this is really true, then I think his relations with the Rothschilds must have facilitated some secret set-up to make him a resurrrected martyr. Time will tell! In the meantime this documentary is a MUST WATCH!

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