Wiki “Leaks” is CIA controlled ‘Divide & Conquer’ tool

MUST WATCHSYRIAN TV EXPLAINING THE AMERICAN/NATO MEDIA WAR AGAINST THEM. Most Westerners don’t know what is going on. Julian Assange is very popular and appears “so persecuted“, having to “flee” in the Ecuadorian Embassy to evade being extradited to American injustice. What a soap opera. What a false drama. Bring out the violins.

And everybody just keeps watching the controlled propaganda of the mainstream media, the “Ministry of Truth!” Hardly anyone even knows what that means or refers to. They haven’t read the book (1984) and if they did, they thought it was just a novel! They would never wake up long enough that it is actually happening to them! In their life time! It is not for nothing that Jesus told us to ‘watch and pray’! If not… you will be deceived!

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