BRACE! USA Preparing Heavily for WWIII & Homeland Suppression

Homeland Security and Military Vehicles – Pictures I Captured while in Kentucky by Sherry Questioning All.

I was in Kentucky this last week.  While driving up there I came across at least 10 different trucks hauling military vehicles going North.  I even came across them in the small town of Winchester Kentucky, which is where I took the first picture of a Homeland Security armored vehicle.

A friend who was driving up the other way through Bowling Green on Interstate 65 to Louisville said he saw about 20 trucks with military vehicles that same day going North too.  I was going up Interstate 75 to Lexington Kentucky.

I then went on a small road to Winchester and passed this Homeland Security truck.  I waited on the side of the road ahead of it to capture the picture.  I was not able to get pictures of all the other military vehicles except for one.  I saw many armored vehicles similar to this Homeland Security vehicle on trucks but they did not say Homeland Security on them.

UPDATED WITH VDO (Foul mouthed young Amerikans filming/watching a billion $ worth war-machinery transport THEY will be drafted for to die in or with in Arabian & Iranian deserts, unless … they repent?) War profits already streaming into BANKER pockets!

Coming back yesterday (Saturday 28th) I saw more going North again.

I know there are military bases around but it sure does seem they are moving a lot of vehicles right now and they were all going North.  I did not see any going South at all.

Anyone else noticing a lot of moving of military vehicles?  Anyone seeing these Homeland Security vehicles on trucks around the country?

Why were they going through the small town of Winchester Kentucky with it?

[PP EDITOR: To not attract too much attention on busy highways?]

Edit – Added 5:15 Pm – I was just looking at my pictures closer. I just noticed two things. One there is no license plates on the trucks. Second…. notice how the DHS armored vehicle has a backwards American Flag in front? Why is the flag backwards?

Update. ChrisinMaryville,  Sent me the answer to my question about the Flag.

Why is the flag displayed in reverse on the hood?

When the flag is stationary, the constellation is in the place of honor in the upper left corner.

However, when the flag is attached to something that moves, the constellation is placed to represent the flag being carried forward, so viewed from the starboard side where the “staff/mast” would be at the front of the vehicle with the constellation in the upper right). It’s been this way for a long, long time. At least since immediately prior to WWII.

[PP EDITOR: You can see the army trucks are in desert colours! This will freak out average apathetic Americans into cowering, and incense patriots into a civil war which the Zionist Deep State is obviously preparing for too with 30.000 drones over Amerika and returning American soldiers teaming up with police forces. The result will probably be a Zionist Evangelical Hardline Reactionary Right Wing Dictatorship called Babylon the Whore, persecuting and massacring real Christians as well as minorities, fulfilling Revelation chapter 18. SHE will be (and is already!) hated by the rest of the world and their imminent Antichrist who will together nuke Modern Day Babylon in ONE hour in ONE day! Get out Sherry while you still can!]

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