Foreign Demonic Jihadist Murderers Massacre Syrian Alleppo Policemen on Duty

Foreign mercenaries (hired cold-blooded killers), who do not even belong in Syria and entered the country illegally with help of evil Americans, Turkey, the CIA, beastly Hillary Clinton and the globalist hijacked State Department that once belonged to the American people, have cruelly murdered local Syrian policemen on duty to defend their own country against murderous terrorists.

These vicious bloodthirsty murderers claim to be “Muslims” are in fact moved and motivated by Satan’s demons to murder other Muslims and Christians they don’t even know, robbing women and children and families from their loved ones. As well as robbing these souls that God sent into this world to learn eternal lessons from their chances and finding salvation.

I implore all of God’s true children with a loving heart, to continually pray for protection for the Syrian people from these Devilish criminals. Pray against these rebellious terrorists that don’t even know God, because they don’t know LOVE, for God is Love! These liars shout that “God is the greatest” and then switch to killing his creatures he so lovingly created and sent into this world to care for and teach. What a travesty, what a circus, what a miniscule cover for pure blood lust!

Pray against the American CIA, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and NATO countries that send these terrorists into the sovereign nation of Syria. Pray for protection of the Syrian fathers, mothers, children, soldiers defending their own country against these religious pretenders that DO NOT KNOW GOD at all, except perhaps if their God is called Satan, who as Jesus said, was a murderer and father of lies from the beginning, and there is no truth in him. Pray in Jesus Name for Peace!


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