Is Petrus Romanus an evil Pope or an underground Tribulation Pope?

This man (see video below) interprets the famous St. Malachi prophecy about the 112th and last pope in an interesting way: “Petrus Romanus will feed his sheep in Great Tribulation“, and thus will be a true pope. In that case he would also have to be a dethroned pope, expelled from the Roman Catholic church, a usurped pope that will have to go “underground”, as the Roman church has been infiltrated and taken over on the inside.

If that is true, he might not even be representing the Catholic church, but rather the inter-denominational or non-denominational born-again true believers all over the world, the international royal family of children of God in Jesus Christ, during an imminent time period called “the Great Tribulation” which according to the Bible will begin with the introduction of the 666 Mark of the Beast economic bio-chip,  a time when all official church organisations will be outlawed and closed down! Are you prepared? [ click to WATCH THE VIDEO]

Now that Pope Benedict will retire, it will be very interesting to see who will turn out to be this “feeder of sheep” of the Biblical Endtime. In any case if he will be  a good guy, he will surely not be a self-styled, self-appointed Christian leader with a “big head”, who gets a personal revelation that he is the great “Petrus the Feeder Pope.” God’s appointments are in practice. It will be someone who will be doing the job without seeking a title or glory. Definitely not some American Evangelical “Elijah” of which we have already many ‘pretenders to the throne’.

Having said this, lets include a disclaimer footnote that we reserve judgment whether St. Malachi’s prophecy is really inspired “canon” or not, of the caliber of Holy Scripture and Bible Prophecy. It may look like it, but it may also be nothing at all. Only time will tell by actual fulfillment. Maybe so! We’ll see…  By the way, my posting this video does not mean that I endorse this teacher, just the message on Petrus Romanus rings somewhat true.

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3 comments for “Is Petrus Romanus an evil Pope or an underground Tribulation Pope?

  1. Glenn
    September 1, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    “Petrus Romanus will feed his sheep in (or with)Great Tribulation“…Feeding doesn’t indicates actual goodness…What this Last Pope is feeding to his sheep? Be reminded thet False Prophet can do feeding too because he is Deceiver..He can declare peace love and unity to the world but it doesnt mean he can save our souls from fire…I can feed millions of people for them to come to me but I might bring them to destruction on Judgement Day…The Last Pope will abolish the Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice in Holy Mass…and tell the believers that God is not present in present Masses due to the sins inside Vatican…He will use the scandals inside Vatican to justify his lies..Pray to God the Almighty Father not to be deceived…The vatican now is flooded with so many scandals but He said that He is still present in every Mass until the Last pope will sit the seat of Peter in Vatican. God Protect us always in Jesus name thru Mama Mary the Mother of Salvation. Amen

  2. Power Point Paradise
    September 2, 2012 at 12:08 am

    Thanks Glenn. Interesting viewpoint, except that “there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” 1 Timothy 2:5. Only ONE!

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