The Polish Smolensk Plane-Crash or -Attack? What really happened VDO

Letter from Poland

(Full version video 4 parts) Dutch documentary about the crash of TU-154 near Smolensk, Russia, the questionable investigations, manipulations, and social-political ramifications for Poland & Eastern Europe.

According to the prophets, Russia will be the leader of the coming One World Government under the final Antichrist. When the Soviet Union went down, it did so on purpose. It was planned. Cold War was over, infiltration, undermining & take-over of the West via “war on terror” was the agenda (see next article!) & long term plan for Earth’s take over. What you see is NOT what you get! Deception has never been greater. Do you really think the people of the very original Politburo ever lost their power? It makes you wonder about Putin’s real religion! [And brother Nathanael’s? Was he really an orthodox monk? I hope so.] Or are pied pipers leading naive Russians back to a fake “Mother” Russia?  Poland has been hijacked too, like most of our nations are. Either by NWO or the OWG! They are all falling in line with Satan. I don’t vote for Georgia, or Ukraina. There are dark forces on both sides! The world is now dividing into killers and those being killed for the AC. There are deceived collaborators in between. Now, one’s only hope is Salvation in Jesus Christ and His imminent return. The killers don’t fear Him until they see Him in the clouds, when the tables will finally be turned on them forever. But only until then! (Continued)

So trust in God, no matter how dark your way. Hold to His hand until the break of day. In His own land, His likeness then we’ll see. When in that morning there we will awake!
When morning dawns farewell to eartly sorrows. [NOT until THEN!]
Farewell to all these troubles of today.
There’ll be no death, no pain in God’s tomorrow
When morning dawns and shadows flee away!


– Dr. Andrzej Nowak, PhD, Historian, The Jagiellonian University, Krakow, member of Polish Academy of Sciences
Tomasz Sakiewicz, Editor, “Gazeta Polska
– Capt. Janusz Wieckowski, Pilot, with over 20-years experience in flying the same type of airplane that crashed near Smolensk, Russia
Zuzanna Kurtyka, wife of the late Dr. Janusz Kurtyka, President of the Institute of National Remembrance
Joanna Patocka, Chariwoman, the “Ruch 10 Kwietnia”
Marcin Roszkowski, Member, the “Ruch 10 Kwietnia”
– Dr. Przemyslaw Zurawski, PhD, Former Official in the Polish Ministry of Defense
Viktor Yuschenko, former president of Ukraine
Bronislaw Wildstein, Journalist
– Dr. Jacek Trznadel, PhD, President, The Polish Katyn Foundation
Vladimir Bukovsky, a prominent Russian Dissident, neurophysiologist, author and political activist
Witold Waszczykowski, former Deputy-Head in the Polish National Security Bureau
– Dr. Norman Davies, PhD, Historian, University of London
Edward Lucas, Journalist, “The Economist”
Piotr Naimski, advisor, Energy Security Body, the Chancelory of the President of the Republic of Poland
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Chairman, PiS, Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc

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