WikiLeaks: Advancing an Israeli Agenda?

Interesting video point of view on Mr. Assange. If true, why does he do so! Was he bought, coerced, or blackmailed to put up this propaganda front? And if so, why does Ecuador play along in the game? Were they invited to do so, or is Ecuador just too gullible, including all other South American nations that so loudly protested the UK threats that so far were never carried out. It looks like a big stage(d) play, to give Assange credibilty. Like Shakespeare said (I think) “Methinks thou protestest too loud!” But the gullible nations just gobble it up–as ever– slowly allowing the elite to pursue their hope of a massive slaughter of the “useless eaters” in WWIII, and allowing themselves to slide into the abyss of crisis, crash, confusion, and death by famine. Dumbed down MS Media slaves!

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