Co-existing Dinosaur & recent Human tracks found in Chinese Cave rock floor

Human and dinosaur tracks were discovered together by Chinese and American archaeologists in a cave in South West Mainland China. The tracks are documented in rock inscriptions from the Sung Dynasty, 969 AD – 1126 AD. The scientists also found dinosaur skin prints made when the animals laid down in the cave when the rock was obviously still soft!

This discovery is amazing because normally Dino footprints are ostensibly made millions of years ago in soft mud that turns to rock. However here human footprints were found in the same surface, the rock floor of a mountain cave. Mud does not turn into rock instantly, but we also know that the humans lived in the same cave and not millions of years after the Dino foot prints were made, otherwise humans could not have left behind their footprints as well.

So there are two alternatives. Either the humans lived 65 million years ago with the dinos, which is impossible according to Darwinists who promote 65 millions of years history between these humans and Dinos, or they made the imprints together in soft rock during the human era! If so, Dinos lived together with man and not that long ago, as the Chinese lived in China not longer than 5000 years ago, and these tracks supposedly date from the Sung dynasty.

Did the Sung Dynasty know Dinos? Well Chinese people have always called them dragons (as Westerners also did before 1875!) typically looking like snakes with 4 short legs and a crest and horns. But the Sung also saw a different kind of Dino or Dragon, as you can see in the following picture.

This all leads to a different question altogether, how did rock manage to be soft until the Sung dynasty! If rock was soft at all during man’s history, it must have been soft pretty much after the global flood, when the strata were freshly laid. How long mud, clay or “proto-granite” stays soft is not clear.Perhaps the dating of the cave tracks are wrong. Perhaps they are 4000-4500 years old during the Xia dynasty? How do you date tracks? How do you date rock? They based their dating on the Sung inscriptions. Perhaps the inscriptions are much younger and the tracks much older!  Here is a Dragon from the Tang Dynasty (AD618-906).

And here follows a Han Dynasty Dragon. You don’t think Chinese people saw, met, and lived with Dinosaurs during the early dynasties? Perhaps you watch too much Mainstream TV like National Pornographic, Up-Covery Channel, Hysteria Channel, Darwin Dupes, etc. Mind you this is not our typical Chinese dragon! This looks like a Theropod!

We here at are in the process of writing a scientific treatise on this very subject of “Evidences of Soft Rock and Why?” So stay tuned! And watch this short video!

DOWNLOAD a powerpoint presentation on Dinosaurs and Dragons here.

A Tale of Two Photos
The photo that no one must see! A pterosaur alive and breeding in 1864? – 2 MB

IF the video doesn’t work you can watch it here:

Mexican Dragons Movie

Here are some more “dinosaurs” or rather dragons recorded by man. This time in Mexico. A whole collection of amazing stones with all kinds of dragons that look like dinosaurs. But the know-it-all “scientist” authorities of Elitairian Academia call them hoaxes! Yeah right! Some Mexican guy some 50 years ago decided to carve hundreds of black rocks to prove a Mexican “creationist” agenda! Makes so much sense! (sarc)

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