Discerning David Icke’s Dire Deceptive Doubtful Diatribe

There is a lot to like about David Icke. He was just about the first person in the UK to expose the 9/11 fraud. He, by and large, tells the truth about today’s political reality. However, his constant attacks on Christianity are somewhat perplexing. To condemn Christian churches for their history, their serious crimes and even greater failures  is one thing, but to trash Christ Himself and, therefore, his teachings, quite another.Last Tuesday he put this film at the top of his ‘Headlines’ page. Apparently this “important” film was made by “scholars” and “researchers”.  Continue reading David Icke Promotes the Zionist Agenda?   [Link for information purposes only! We are not responsible for outside links’ contents and we do not support racism]


More interesting stuff on David Icke by Aangirfan  (careful when you click on Aangirfan’s links, they often go through Google “for some reason!” Perhaps because he is trying to increase his search chances this way? But if you are allergic to Google, watch your clicks! Better use Startpage!) [Link for information purposes only! We are not responsible for outside links’ contents and we do not support racism]


All this leads to more doubts concerning websites that wholeheartedly support David Icke! Like The Activist Post?? And others. Just because you have a mouth, doesn’t mean you like to swallow everything! Just because you have a mind, doesn’t mean that you accept/ believe anything!  Watch your spiritual diet people! You are what you eat, and you are what you read!

WATCH what you eat! Don’t get spiritual indigestion, stomach cancer, or food poisoning, or diarrhea (not retaining any good food because of some diabolical bug in your nutrients assimilation system, killing you!) Having an “Open Mouth” does not mean that it is a garbage can or waste drain that can take anything with impunity! You don’t swallow arsenic, do you?

Wholesome words, sound speech that cannot be condemned, are like organic, NON-GMO foods that keep your body healthy and alive, versus GM food full of poisons. You can trust the words of Jeshua Ha Messih or Jesus of Nazareth. He died for His Message, and He died for YOUR sins! Check Him out now!


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