Latin Singing Witness for Jesus: Juan Luis Guerra’s hit: “No Hospitals in Heaven!”

I would like to introduce to you all Juan Luis Guerra, the famous Latin Singer from Dominican Republic, who became a Christian and is a loud witness for Jesus. His latest song video is called, “There are no hospitals in heaven!” If I’d ever run into Juan I would tell him to re-record all his songs in English! He would sell millions more and change the world more!

Yeah! No hospitals in Heaven, no GMO food, no carcinogenics, no junk food (only good celestial food!) No ugly diseases, cancer, gout, pneumonia, flu, heart disease, and all other afflictions of the Goddamn’ Devil! I’m sure he hates dear Juan’s influence over the Latin world, giving them faith for healing and health through trust in His promises, like Jesus said “If you shall ask anything in My Name, I will do it!”

Latin music is so happy. It makes you want to dance! It feels like Heaven! A happy place where there are only happy people, beautiful people having a wonderful time! I’m so glad that there are going to be lots of Latins and Latinas!! Hope to see you there! Got Jesus? Sure hope you do, as we will then surely meet each other Over There! Forever! We’ve got so much to look forward to! This song is about bees stopping criminals by stinging them! Great song!


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