Monsanto Should Be Outlawed! ALL Genetically Modified Food is Deadly & should be BANNED! NOW!

This is the only long term investigation into GMO products, in this case Monsanto GMO CORN! Humans consume foods that have absorbed pesticides. These rats developed huge tumors. Monsanto only allowed 3 months test. But the tumors only developed after FOUR months! This was the first time that a 2 years test was done on GMO Corn fed rats. 

90-95 % of Corn worldwide is GM Genetically modified. And so humans are in danger! The study revealed that the tumors were not just caused by the pesticide Roundup but also by the mere fact that the gene of the food had been altered which caused the malformation of the organs and development of tumors.

But it is not just Corn. Soy is also 90-95 % GMO and is consequently also causing devastating effects on health and causing people to die all over the world. Therefore this study is proof that GMOs shold be banned worldwide today! Every day longer kills many people and destroys health! Governments should be held accountable to pass legislation to stop companies and laboratories from pursuing Genetic Modification.

GM food is more dangerous than nuclear bombs, because it kills more people! Weaponry is sometimes useful as a deterrent to save a nation’s people from foreign attacks, even though that is become doubtful as super empires like the USA destroys many country nowadays because their weapons are stronger. But GM food substances don’t defend a nation, instead it kills more people just by them eating the GM contaminated poisoned food! RESIST GMOs and inform your nations’ leaders and scientists today!

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