Trouble downloading Youtube FLV files 1.7 MB? Get “Flashgot” Addon in Firefox!

I had given up on downloading FLV files from Youtube, because in all popular download add-ons I constantly got Youtube file sizes of 1.7 MB. (I think YTube does it on purpose!) When downloaded you can’t play the 1.7 MB file! So finally I “Startpaged” (anonymous Google driven search engine!) this question, and found many people had the same problem. One guy solved the problem by using a Firefox Add-On called FlashGot! And thank God, it works! I sometimes download FLV files that I fear may disappear from the internet, but are very revealing. So then I can get them, store them, and if they get “disappeared”, I can post them myself. If we’d all do that, we can save major important clips.

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