Correct analysis of Syria by Lebanese General Aoun who knows more than he lets on

General Aoun gives a pretty perfect analysis of the Syrian conflict and the “Arab Spring” which he called “Arab Hell!” He decries the so-called “Human Rights” campaign of the USA and Europe and Israel’s dirty divide and conquer tactics for Arabs.

He says that Syria is more a democracy than other Arab states, and that the Syrians are not falling for the Salafi Jihadist cut throats that are fighting for a Sharia state in all Arab countries and the entire world. Of course they are used and manipulated by the West to break Arab independence from the American New World Order drive. But General Aoun believes that the Syrian victory will lead to the REAL “New World Order”, with which he means a Russian, Chinese, BRIC One World Government rising from Russia that is cozy-ing up to the Arabs eventually, as the Bible prophets have foretold. Great video. MUST WATCH!

Lebanese former military commander-in-chief, Michel Aoun, is interviewed by Syrian State TV on Oct 11, 2012. During the interview, Aoun gives his opinion on the conflict in Syria. He says that the Syrian government will not be toppled, and that this war will put an end to the rise of Islamic extremism in the Arab world. He also believes that a New World Order will emerge as a result of the Syrian conflict, stating that World War III will most likely occur if the ongoing attack against Syria runs out of fuel without it leading to the toppling of its government.

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