Manu the Indian Noah & his Flood story agrees with 600 other Deluge accounts

Ever heard the Deluge story of the Indians? Above is an Indian illustration with 8 survivors on a boat pulled by a fish? It follows the story of MaNU, (also called Satyavrata) the Indian name for Noe, Noahk, Nur, Nu-U, Nu-Ah, Nüwa, OuraNOH, whichever nation’s name you prefer to use for the great global patriarch and ancient leader of the eight Deluge survivors known from over five hundred ancient legends worldwide! This comes from the oldest Indian book called the ‘Satapatha Brahmana’ & the ‘Matsya Purana’

In various Hindu traditions, Manu, is a title accorded to the progenitor of mankind, and the very first king to rule this earth, who saved mankind from the great flood, after being warned of it by the Matsya avatar of Vishnu, who told him to build a giant boat and populate it with “his family animals, and 9 types of SEEDS!”

Seeds on the Ark are not mentioned in Genesis by Moses, but it makes perfect sense, as many people ask the question, “from what did the new trees, grasses and plants grow after the water receded?” Well of course there were seeds floating on the water and in the air, and perhaps some buried shallowly in the mud, but likely not too many. So there is the Indian answer to that skepticism.


By the way, according to the Indians, Manu (Noah) had three sons. Guess what their names were! Charma, Sharma and Yapeti! Can it get any closer to Ham, Shem & Yapheth? (Tell that to some of your religious Darwinist friends today!)
This page below is from “History of British India”, written by James Mill, Horace Hayman Wilson, which contains amazing corroborating evidence:

Where did the Indians — or any other tribe or nation, for that matter — get their Deluge history from? From their – our common – ancient patriarchs of course, who lived long before Genesis was written down by Moses in around 1400-1200 BC. The Southern Indians or Dravidians, descended from Kush (Krishna?), the son of Ham or Charma, whereas the Aryan Indians of the North descended from Yapheth, while Moses descended from Shem or Sharma. It looks like Shem failed to mention the seeds in his Flood Memoirs told to his offspring, whereas either Yapheth or Ham did mention that interesting factoid to his offspring!

Vishnu is shown in his Matsya avatar having a fish tail, whereas the Chinese Noah Nüwa and her partner Fuxi have two entwined dragon tails! That ‘scaly tails’ influence probably came to be fused into the mostly Shem-ite Han mythology, which most likely received the Nü-Wa (Noah) part of the story, via the Xia dynasty that got it from India!

The reportedly darker-skinned Xia most likely had some Dravidian influence, that ancient Southern civilisation of India. And thus ‘Fu-Xi‘ may just be the typical Chinese pronunciation of Vishnu? Vish-Nu →Vishy-Nuah, → Fushi Nüwa? The pinyin ‘x’ sound in ‘Fuxi’ stands for ‘hs/sh’ in Mandarin Chinese, where the tongue is kept flat and neutral while air is blown over it!


According to the Matsya Purana, the Matsya avatar of Vishnu appeared to King MaNu (whose original name was Satyavrata), initially as a Shaphari (a small carp), the then King of Kumari Kandam, while he washed his hands in a river. This river was supposed to have been flowing down the Malaya Mountains in his land of Dravida.

The little Fish asked the king to save him, who, out of compassion, put it in a water jar. It kept growing bigger and bigger, until King Manu first put him in a bigger pitcher and then deposited him in a well. When the well also proved insufficient for the ever-growing Fish, the King placed him in a tank (reservoir), that was two yojanas (16 miles) in height, as much in length, and one yojana (8 miles) in breadth. As it grew further King Manu had to put the fish in a river, and when even the river got too small, he placed it in the ocean, after which it nearly filled the vast expanse of the great ocean.

It was then that he (Lord Matsya), revealing Himself, informed the King of an all-destructive deluge which would be coming very soon. The King was told to build a huge boat which housed his family, 9 types of seeds, and animals to repopulate the earth! After the deluge would end the oceans and seas would recede. At the time of deluge, Vishnu appeared as a horned fish and Shesha as a rope, which Vaivasvata Manu used to fasten the boat to the horn of the fish.

According to the Matsya Purana, MaNu’s boat was perched after the deluge on the top of the ‘Malaya Mountains’.

sumerian-kings-list-cuneiformThis narrative is very similar to other Flood stories, like the Babylonian one about Utnapishtim and Ziusudra (Gr:Xisuthros) from ancient Sumerian mythology, Moses account of Noah from Genesis in the Bible, and in the holy book of Islam, the Quran’s story about Nur‘s boat which landed on ‘Mount Judi’ which is 17 KM from Mt. Ararat in Armenia, where still today a peculiar ship-shape is to be found.

Mahabharata says:

“And Manu was imbued with great wisdom and devoted to virtue. And he became the progenitor of a line. And in Manu’s race have been born all human beings, who have, therefore, been called Manavas. And it is of Manu that all men including Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, and others have been descended, and are, therefore, all called Manavas. Subsequently, O monarch, the Brahmanas became united with the Kshatriyas. And those sons of Manu that were Brahmanas devoted themselves to the study of the Vedas. “The ten sons of Manu are known as Vena, Dhrishnu, Narishyan, Nabhaga, Ikshvaku, Karusha, Saryati, the eighth, a daughter named Ila, Prishadhru the ninth, and Nabhagarishta, the tenth. They all betook themselves to the practices of Kshatriyas. Besides these, Manu had fifty other sons on Earth. But we heard that they all perished, quarreling with one another.”

The story also finds mention in early Hindu scriptures like the Satapatha Brahmana which is also identical to the Ark story in Genesis. Manu/Noah was absolutely honest which was why he was initially known as “Satyavrata” (One with the oath of truth). His wife is Satarupa (Shatrupa).

Satapatha Brahmana 8th Adhyaya. First brahmana. TheIda.

In the morning they brought to Manu water for washing, just as now also they (are wont to) bring (water) for washing the hands. When he was washing himself, a fish came into his hands.
It spake to him the word, ‘Rear me, I will save thee!’ ‘Wherefrom wilt thou save me?’ ‘A flood will carry away all these creatures from that I will save thee!’ ‘How am I to rear thee?’
It said, ‘As long as we are small, there is great destruction for us: fish devours fish. Thou wilt first keep me in a jar. When I outgrow that, thou wilt dig a pit and keep me in it. When I outgrow that, thou wilt take me down to the sea, for then I shall be beyond destruction.’
It soon became a ghasha (a large fish); for that grows largest (of all fish) Thereupon it said, ‘In such and such a year that flood will come. Thou shalt then attend to me (i.e. to my advice) by preparing a ship and when the flood has risen thou shalt enter into the ship, and I will save thee from it.’
After he had reared it in this way, he took it down to the sea. And in the same year which the fish had indicated to him, he attended to (the advice of the fish) by preparing a ship; and when the flood had risen, he entered into the ship. The fish then swam up to him, and to its horn he tied the rope of the ship, and by that means he passed swiftly up to yonder northern mountain.
It then said, ‘I have saved thee. Fasten the ship to a tree; but let not the water cut thee off, whilst thou art on the mountain. As the water subsides, thou mayest gradually descend!’
Accordingly he gradually descended, and hence that (slope) of the northern mountain is called ‘Alarm’s descent.’ The flood then swept away all these creatures, and Manu alone remained here.
Being desirous of offspring, he engaged in worshipping and austerities. During this time he also performed a pâka-sacrifice: he offered up in the waters clarified butter, sour milk, whey, and curds. Thence a woman was produced in a year: becoming quite solid she rose; clarified butter gathered in her footprint. Mitra and Varuna met her.
They said to her, ‘Who art thou?’ ‘Manu’s daughter,’ she replied. ‘Say (thou art) ours,’ they said. ‘No,’ she said, ‘I am (the daughter) of him who begat me.’ They desired to have a share in her. She either agreed or did not agree, but passed by them. She came to Manu.
Manu said to her, ‘Who art thou?’ ‘Thy daughter,’ she replied. ‘How, illustrious one, (art thou) my daughter?’ he asked. She replied,  ‘Those offerings (of) clarified butter, sour milk, whey, and curds, which thou madest in the waters, with them thou hast begotten me.
I am the blessing (benediction): make use of me at the sacrifice! If thou wilt make use of me at the sacrifice, thou wilt become rich in offspring and cattle. Whatever blessing thou shalt invoke through me, all that shall be granted to thee!’
He accordingly made use of her (as the benediction) in the middle of the sacrifice; for what is intermediate between the fore-offerings and the after-offerings, is the middle of the sacrifice.
With her he went on worshipping and performing austerities, wishing for offspring. Through her he generated this race, which is this race of Manu; and whatever blessing he invoked through her, all that was granted to him.
Now this (daughter of Manu) is essentially the same as the Idâ; and whosoever, knowing this, performs with (the) Idâ 1, he propagates this race which Manu generated; and whatever blessing he invokes through it (or her), all that is granted to him.

Darwinists — those who believe the religion that our very complicated DNA code distilled from a cosmic explosion turned space-dust into gas, clouds, rocks, and planets, where it rained on the rocks for billions of years until it turned into primordial soup, in which a (scientifically debunked & impossible!) spontaneous generation of life took place, which resulted in the first “simple” cell, that is actually so complicated that today’s scientists don’t even understand it fully yet! If they ever will!

CELL INTERIOR: Endosome bag pulled by tether walking on two motoric feet along microtubule to human cell skin

LEUKOCYTE CELL INTERIOR: Endosome bag pulled by a tether walking on two motoric feet along a micro-tubule up to the cell skin. AMAZING!

Yes, those Darwinists, also maintain that all these 600 Flood stories do not prove that there actually was once a worldwide catastrophe like the Global Deluge. Why? Because the recorded real history of mankind, does not fit their religion, just as Galileo’s didn’t fit the Papist “science” of Rome!

Nothing much has changed! Except that those Darwinists now man the media turrets and top academic positions and that their religion is now the controlling philosophy of the global elite who are about to enslave us all! Beware! Galileo was put in jail!

Never mind that the trillions of cubic kilometers of geological sediment layers studded with all kinds of fossils that died in agony, lie 2-4 KM deep below all of our feet, fits a global deluge a whole lot better than one spurious annual inch of space dust deposited over millions of years!


Actually most Darwinian geologists DO believe that these layers were indeed deposited by water, but they cannot explain where all those trillions of cubic miles of sedimented dirt originated, or were deposited from!



THIS is not just the “ELEPHANT in the Historical Livingroom”, but the by Darwinists grossly ignored MAMMOTH! Don’t you their dupe by falling for their UN-scientific propaganda!



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8 comments for “Manu the Indian Noah & his Flood story agrees with 600 other Deluge accounts

  1. Lujack Skylark
    January 12, 2013 at 11:56 am

    News further confirming the Bible!

    Joseph’s global famine (Genesis 41:57) now has been verified!

    Shang Dynasty emperor Ching Tang some Chinese historians stated his reign began in 1747 B.C. There are others who believe his reign began in 1675 B.C. Chinese emperor Ching Tang was recorded having a seven year famine verifying Joseph’s seven year famine in Genesis chapter 41. This seven year famine occurred 1704-1697 B.C. Emperor Ching Tang must have been reigning during this time in world history.


    Joseph lived for 110 years 1741-1631 B.C. (Genesis 50:26) Joseph age 30 (Genesis 41:40-46) became governor of Egypt in 1711 B.C. There was 7 years of great harvest and the second year of famine Joseph age 39 in 1702 B.C. met his father Jacob age 130 (Genesis 47:9) in Egypt. Global famine 1704-1697 B.C. (Genesis 41:1-57)

    (1) Jacob brought the starving Hebrew people into Egypt settling near Biblical On (Genesis 41:45) Heliopolis, Egypt in 1702 B.C.

    (2) Starving Hyksos Canaanite chieftain Sheshi lead his people into Avaris, Egypt trading their horses for bread (Genesis 47:13-17) in 1702 B.C. during the world famine. (Genesis 41:57)

    (3) Starving Minoans from Crete also settle in Egypt’s delta in 1700 B.C. Other Minoans migrate to mainland Greece in 1700 B.C. spreading their Minoan culture there.

    (4) Starving Indo-European Sealanders invade Amorite Babylon king Abi-Eshuh 1710-1684 B.C. settling in southern Babylonia in 1700 B.C. Abi-Eshuh dams up the Tigris river trying to starve the Sealanders out.

    (5) Starving Indo-European tribes invade Dravidan dominated India in 1700 B.C. Indo-Europeans destroy the Dravidan Mohenjo-Daro civilizatin in 1700 B.C.

    (6)Starving Indo-European tribes invade western China in 1700 B.C. Chinese archaelogist discovered Indo-European mummies in western China. The Indo-Europeans introduced the Chinese to the horse driven chariot. NOTE: Indo-European Kassites were first to use the horse driven chariot attacking Babylon in the reign of Amorite Babylon king Samsu-iluna 1750-1711 B.C. in his 9th year in 1741 B.C. NOTE: Joseph age 30 was given the Egyptian pharaoh’s 2nd chariot in 1711 B.C. (Genesis 41:43)

    (7) Chinese Shang Dynasty very early in the dynasty recorded a 7 year famine verifying Joseph’s account of the 7 year global famine in Egypt. (Genesis 41:57)

    (8) The American agricultural Indians establish the Poverty Point Mound Culture in Louisiana in 1700 B.C. building their first city in North America during the world famine.

    (9) Olmecs migrate into the Yucatan Peninsula in 1700 B.C. Archaeologist state the Olmecs invented plumbing and the Olmecs were interested in water conservtion at this time in world history.

    (10) Joseph’s account of the world famine (Genesis 41:57) is supported by archaelogy and the migrations of ancient people’s in 1700 B.C. Why not pass this information along to people who are interested in Biblical history.

  2. Power Point Paradise
    January 12, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Great Information! Thanks. Yes why not! You already DID pass it on in this comment. But it would be nice if you have any sources for your dates or dating. Any other comments like this, that are also as well researched as this, are welcome! Come back again! I you have any articles like this let me know we can publish them here! GBY! Thanks!

  3. Tom
    January 30, 2013 at 3:48 am

    Grant Jeffery wrote the “Signature of God” which should be used to combat sceptics and evolutionist believers.

    The Yemen marble tablet and the Yemen stone tablet confirms Joseph’s seven year famine. Why don’t Christians use this information in their debates against non-believers?

  4. Power Point Paradise
    January 30, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Hi Tom, If I had time to write thousands of articles and finish my apologetic book to reach more millions. I would! Do you have a blog? Maybe you could write about it? I will look into it, when I find some time, but I don’t have the book. Many Christians lack information like that and so cannot debate. But instead of debating AGAINST not-yet-believers, we need to ‘debate’ FOR them to present them with the information. It wasn’t until Thomas saw that he believed. Many unbelievers are just uninformed, and don’t need debate or arguing! It never works. Remeber the parable of the sun adn the wind? It is better to leave them with the info and knowledge to make up their minds for and by themselves. GBY in your service. Tks for your comment. Kind regards.

  5. syed shafiudeen
    June 28, 2015 at 12:10 am

    I was wondering if Indians have missed prophets from Allah, but this page has given much information on Noah, a prophet from god according to the Bible son of god. Anyway I know there must be a son of god sent to this region because I notice the river Brahmaputra it recalls me as god + son. brahma means god puthra means son. So Hinduism is not older than 4000 years.

  6. Power Point Paradise
    June 28, 2015 at 1:04 am

    Thank you Syed! Yes Hinduism is not much much older than 4000 years, like all other patriarchs don’t go further back than the Great Flood. The dating of the Flood is not absolute. Average guess would be around 2400-2500 BC. Others put it back even more to 3000 BC. But that is normally based on lineary dating of Egyptian kings because many lived simultaneously instead of in succession. Of course there is also the Darwinian datings of millions and billions of years. But those are false. Besides Darwinists don’t even recognise a Global Flood, even though the facts on the ground prove it without a doubt! –One or two miles deep stratification rock layers studded with fossils worldwide and the genetic DNA bottleneck coming not from “African Lucy” nor “Peking Man”, but from a Middle Eastern Noah! Do check out the scientific reasons and proofs of a global Flood in our other articles. Also be awware that the secondary coastal flooding took place when Arjuna saw Dwraka sink below the waves around 1500 BC is not the same event as the Global Flood. The worldwide coastal flooding was due to the melting of the Bronze Age Ice Caps in the North causing a worldwide 130 M (300 ft) ocean level rise tht flooded Dwaraka, Kumari Kandam, Atlantis, Black Sea, Sunda land, lemuria, the old Jomon lands East of China (Yonaguni) and many other places and Bronze age megalithic ruins below the seas everywhere. Too many to mention here!

    That means we all come from Noah, Manu, Nur, NueWah, Nu Ah, OuraNOH! or whatever else the same unique rue person is named. Namaste and love & Peace in Jesus. As ST. Pail said we are all of ONE BLOOD physically, the blood and seed of Noah!

  7. A hindu Indian
    July 13, 2015 at 7:18 am

    There are no “Charma, Sharma, and Yapeti” in Hindu puranas. The progeny of Manu are Ila and Ikshvaku who created the Lunar and Solar dynasty in Indian purana/epic. Manu married Shraddha and had ten children including Ila and Ikshvaku, the progenitors of the Lunar Dynasty and Solar Dynasty respectively.
    The Mahabharata states:
    “And Manu was endowed with great wisdom and devoted to virtue. And he became the progenitor of a line. And in Manu’s race have been born all human beings, who have, therefore, been called Manavas. And it is of Manu that all men including Brahmanas, Kshattriyas, and others have been descended, and are therefore all called Manavas. Subsequently, the Brahmanas became united with the Kshattriyas. And those sons of Manu that were Brahmanas devoted themselves to the study of the Vedas. And Manu begot ten other children named Vena, Dhrishnu, Narishyan, Nabhaga, Ikshvaku, Karusha, Saryati, the eighth, a daughter named Ila,[15] Prishadhru the ninth, and Nabhagarishta, the tenth. They all betook themselves to the practices of Kshattriyas. Besides these, Manu had fifty other sons on Earth. But we heard that they all perished, quarrelling with one another.”

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