What Hobbles Main Stream Historical Academia?

paradigm-shift2There is an avalanche of improved historical scientific insights into Man’s Antiquity on the thus-far uncensored internet. The History video below this post, with good reason, blames orthodox historical academics for arrogantly ignoring very plausible yet totally different interpretations of Ancient History presented by an ever growing number of alternative historians and scientists from various fields.

Mainstream Academia via universities still serves up an untenable perverted narrative of antiquity contrary to many new discoveries: megaliths, ancient high-tech, sunken Bronze Age civilisations (Yonaguni, Atlantis), pre-Columbian ocean travel all across the globe, a recent Ice Age chronology, new Egyptian chronology, etc.
[FYI, we are not talking “Annunaki” here.]


Mainstream historians have tried to marginalise alternative historians, like David Rohl, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Michael Cremo, David Childress, James Nienhuis, Maxine Asher, Crichton, Jonathan Gray, Christopher Dunn, etc., by ridicule or even sharp ad hominem attacks, calling them the “lunatic fringe”, “pseudo archaeology”, or “fringe science!” Yet in spite of their shenanigans their fascinating new paradigm is slowly reaching the masses.

What fire causes all that conservative smoke? Alternatives softly blame the orthodox’ stultifying reluctance to overhaul their outdated theories and adopt a long-needed new look forced by many new discoveries, mainly on a fear that a new chronology or paradigm would hurt these conservatives’ book sales of decades of publishing. But is that even the main reason?

Sure, ‘filthy lucre’ may be one explanation for orthodox historians’ resistance to a fresh new improved Ancient History paradigm springing up all over though never allowed in the “higher halls of learning!” After all, they own  the turrets of mainstream academia which yearly churn out their kosher academic books, spreading the historical “watchword” to millions of new students each year! True, they’d lose not only money but face and prestige, if they would even consider changing their tune, let alone having to then re-write them or publish new books as losers of the ideological battle. Tough luck.

It would be far more difficult to change the narrative for these ‘dinosaurs’ than it was for the Roman Catholic Church to yield to Galileo’s new interpretation of the Solar System! Even though the Vatican eventually did, everyone still blames it for “resisting true science.” Well, how about Mainstream Historians?

The stifling hush- & cover-up by orthodox academia, of lo these last 100 years, of true historical scientific facts and healthy empirical theory, is worse! Their perversions of the past had a devastating effect on progress of true historicity! Is there perhaps more at stake than just filthy lucre? If so, what?

To answer this important question, let’s analyse which key elements the Historical Establishment resists. They might reveal how their views got so tangled up, and expose perhaps the red line in their historical narrative.

Consider the following comment by an orthodox follower of MS History, which is both symptomatic and revealing in how he gets confused trying to reconcile Gobekli Tepe’s complex art, society, architecture with the prescribed “cavemen” scenario. [text below pic also]


It says: “How did “cavemen” manage to build something so ambitious? Klaus Schmidt speculates that bands of hunter gatherers would have gathered sporadically at the site, through the decades of construction. During the building season, the hunters may have lived in animal-skin tents, slaughtering the local game for sustenance. The many flint arrowheads found around Gobekli support this thesis (Ed: theory); they also support the dating of the site.
This revelation: that hunter gatherers, early Neolithic people, could have built somehting like gobekli,is world changing. Hitherto it was presumed that agriculture necessarily preceded civilisation, that complex art, society and architecture depended on the reliable food supplies derived from farming. Gobekli Tepe shows that the old hunter-gatherer life, in this region of Turkey, was far more advanced than we ever conceived.

Orthodox Historians’ Major Stumbling Blocks

Main Stream Historians (MSH for simplicity), incl. their adepts of course, falling in line for lucrative academic positions, refuse to accept the following elements of sound alternative historical theories:


  1. Pre-Columbian traffic from China, Africa, Middle East and Europe with the Americas and other parts of the world!
    For MSH this is a postulated “No-No!” That’s why they have to say, “Olmecs did not come from Africa!”– Even though they look very African!
    MSH: ”Proto-Sumerians or Caananites never went to Peru nor any other places in South & Middle America!”
    Alt. H: “But how about this famous Peruvian ‘Fuente Magna’ bowl then, with Sumerian inscriptions inside, as well as many other evidence?”
    MSH: “Pseudo archaeology! And you are the lunatic fringe!
  2. ChinOlmecConcerning Chinese commerce with other parts of the world, especially the Americas, MSH insist that there was “only cross-Behring Strait migration into the Americas!”, and therefore these Mexican jade pieces below “must be Olmec!

    Alt. H: Oh really?! But they look very Asian to us Chinese people, who were probably selling the jade to those Olmecs! Besides we still do!
    MSH “We don’t care! They stay NON-African Olmecs!”
    ChinaOlmecChineseCoinsColumbiaAnd how about these Chinese coins discovered (and covered up by MH!) in British Columbia?
    And how about our ancient maps of ‘Fou Sang’ or ‘Fu Sang’?
    : “Fusang must be Korea.., definitely not America, and so these ancient Chinese maps must be fake!
    AH: Why! The indicated distance in ‘li’ (Chinese mile) is much farther than Korea and the map shows all continents, Africa, Europe and Americas. (Oh, by the way, whatever did your California museum do with our “San Diego” stone anchors found there of the coast that have since been ‘disappeared‘?”) Besides the fact that our maps show the Americas, and our forefathers’ stone anchors are still found off the Californian coast!
    And how about these Chinese looking single eye-lid Teotihuacan figurines from Mexico?
    And how about the identical characters found in Mexico from the Olmecs?
    Steve Xu, an ethnic Chinese American anthropologist, says:
    MSH: “It goes against our narrative! That long ago, hunter-gatherers were just coming out of their caves learning to grow vegetables, and they were too stupid to map the entire world let alone the stars and its precision, or to build ocean-worthy ships. IF they had any ships at all, they always stuck close to the shore!”

    Everything Under Heaven Map

    The Chinese “Everything Under Heaven” Map shows ALL continents with America on the right!

    How about the Jomon pottery (East China /Japan) is identical with the Ecuadorian Valdivia pottery, according to Betty Meggers from the Mainstream Smithsonian?!
    And –sorry– that was not just haphazard Japanese fishermen discovering South America bringing their pottery. That is such a commonplace truism & boring platitude! If they “happened” to get lost on the Pacific stream, it would have led them to Vancouver Canada, California, or Hawaii, like the Tsunami flotsam, never all the way to Ecuador! And normally fishermen don’t bring much breakable figurines on their “simple” pre-Columbian boats!
    Don’t you see how they are futilely just trying to protect the ruling paradigm?

  3. Archaeological Middle Eastern civilizations’ artifacts are found in all the “wrong places” like Latin America, also in Australia, and New Zealand? Like this Canaanite chariot axle found at a by MS media and academia heavily demonised Canaanite mining harbour in Sarina Queensland.ChariotAxleQueensland
    Or these Phoenician inscriptions found near Cairns (N.Q.) Australia!
    Or this report of Anthropology professor Elkin in 1931 of his discovery of sun-worshipping Australian Kimberley Aborigines, speaking Egyptian words and performing masonic hand signs, etc.
    MSH? “We don’t really care and ignore them as pseudo archeology.”
    AH: “But how then does the #2 Puma Punku statue (Peru) and the last pictured Mayan seafarer from the famous ‘Venta Stele’ show them all holding ‘Oannes instruments’ in their hands, identical to all Sumerian ones, if there was no contact 3-4 thousand years ago?  (“Oannes instrument” is a kind of ‘basket with a handle’ that all of them carry.) It could not be the result of “coincidence or happenstance.”
    MSH: “You don’t have a PhD like us.”
  4. The existence of “prehistoric” trigonometric world maps (Piri Reis & Or) describing and mapping the entire world before Antarctica ever froze over, are fully ignored! Why? Because it means these maps were based on earlier source maps drawn BEFORE the Ice Age began, and certainly not 12.000 years ago, because fresh out-of-the-cave hunter-gatherers certainly could not have built ships nor draw trigonometric maps!
    MSH? Just ignore the maps. Keep walking, there is nothing to see here…”
    These Maps actually prove the next contested point:
  5. Obvious existence of 4,5 thousand year old very knowledgeable seafaring cartographer savants and astronomers, who obviously also built extremely similar jigsaw-puzzle-type megaliths and huge complicated pyramids on same astronomical values (even recognising the precession of the Zodiac) all over the globe! Even many in China!
  6. The ancient early Egyptians who built the Great Pyramid, left iron inside! Yet MSH insists they only had stone tools (“dolorite pounders”) and perhaps copper chisels to carve their granite stones, ignoring modern masons and engineers who have scientifically proven that they used faster-spinning drills with more torque & under much higher pressure than ours cam produce today, making impossible beveling in super-hard granite, following the ‘Golden Ratio’ and ‘Fibonacci series’!
    Have a look at this short video about the mathematics discovered by Christopher Dunn behind Ramses’ perfect face!

    Which leads to…
  7. The sudden appearance of obviously highly-skilled scientific cultures of these same early civilisations, the reason why some like to call it the “Cambrian Explosion of History!”
    And why did these same civilizations and their technology suddenly DIS-appear within 300 years!? What happened?!
    The MSH prefer to ignore their astronomical prowess and high-tech construction skills, because it contradicts their preferred Neo-Darwinian paradigm of “stupid stone-age cavemen” origins.
  8. Many megaliths of these same civilizations, e.g. Yona Guni, sank under the sea due to severe flooding, a 3-400 ft. or 100-150 meter rise in ocean level around 1400 BC! Why? Because then the unique Ice Age ended, when the miles-thick global ice packs melted! Our dear MS historians et al. haven’t a clue why, because their Ice-Age melt ended 10.000 -12.000 years earlier. “So it couldn’t have been melting!”
    But it was! Because all these submerged constructions are Bronze Age! Even “alternative” Hancock compromises and agrees with their far-too-early dating as well, because he also likes to sell his books and prefers not to be classed under “the lunatic fringe?!” Hurts book-sales to historians, see? So MS Historians decree, that.. “Yonaguni is just a natural formation!” Tell that to Prof. Dr. Masaaki Kimura! He’ll politely laugh your head off!MegaYonaguni
  9. And the Indus Valley Civilization dated from at least “10.000 years ago”, although their city had fancy pipe-draining systems, while supposed to be “hunter gatherers?
  10. The MSH Recent Ice Age Blindness Syndrome leads them to push back the “Last” Ice Age (In their Darwinian confusion they theorise three Ice Ages!), back to 10-12.000 years ago!
    On the one hand they reject Plato’s historical account on Atlantis as “myth and definitely not historical”, yet quote Plato’s 9000 year wrong dating of it! (who most likely confused lunar months for solar years, because the Greek Kings fighting Atlantis nor King Dardanus (from whom the Dardanelles got their name!) did not live that long ago, but around 1500 BC!) And Dardanus was also a descendant of all these politically incorrect named ancestors, found in that mythical Table of Nations, after whom cities (Sidon), lands (Cush), seas (Oceanus), mountains (Atlas), and oceans (Atlantis) are named as well! How embarrassing! Egpyt is still called ‘Misr’ (Mizraim) today!
  11. A huge cataclysm took place in 2345 BC which tilted our earth’s axis initially to 26.5 degrees then slowly back to 23.5 degrees by 1880 AD, as proven by the thorough, peer-reviewed, research by Australian government astronomer George F. Dodwell’s with the help of ancient recorded solar temple dates, as also proven by Mike Baillie’s treering chronology research.Sad to say MS Historia et al. are voluntarily ignoring and obviously immune to Dodwell’s research. Why? Because it doesn’t fit the preferred paradigm!
    [For Dr. Dodwell’s shocking research check our article on the cracking of Pangea!]

As in the making of a carpet, a weaving error gets worse as it gets bigger, this list gets worse, longer and more confused, like the following pertinent sordid examples illustrate:

The List of Ignorance Goes On and On:
(I tell you, we need a Historical Science Revolution!)

  • Dr. David Rohl’s re-ordering of the Egyptian timeline that makes more sense than the orthodox one, gets thrown under the bus. SEE Wicked Pedia, the MS History gatekeeper:


  • Professor Davidovits’ very sound chemical scientific theory and research proving how the pyramids were built by limestone concrete, is rejected out of hand for unknown reasons, or rather it is not even discussed, except by concrete enthusiasts.
  • The water erosion of the Sphinx and its “mortuary” proven by J.A. West & Robert Shoch is either rejected or its construction moved way back to 10-12,000 years ago, at the end of their errant Ice Age(s)!


  • Megalithic monuments like Puma Punku, etc. are either dated down to unknown Ice Age primate hunter-gathering cavemen, or updated to recent Incas and Mayas who had no part in their constructions either but rather built on top of them!
  • Then there is the MSH erratic behaviour to relocate the origin of man away from the Middle East into Africa using “Lucy” and other so-called proof that we descend from an “African Eve” whose “primordially imagined fear of a global deluge” perpetuated itself as a “subconscious meme” or “archetype” into every ethic and culture group, thus giving rise to the over 500 “Deluge Myths”.That’s how MSH deal with the Flood! Why? Because a Global Deluge doesn’t fit their preferred narrative!
    It doesn’t stroke with their unwritten premise and quietly-set paradigm by the foundational Cecil Rhodes’ academic system that “we descend not from smarter but from dumber and smaller primates who first gathered and hunted and slowly learned agriculture and then came out of their caves to built simple houses and ceremonial centers!”
  • Thus the earliest archaeological centers like Gobekli Tepe, mostly found in Turkey, very close to the spot where the Deluge-surviving first humans landed on the Armenian mountains of Ararat, according to recorded history, are termed the first settlements of “African invaders into Europe!”
    When? At the end of a 12,000 year old (last) ice age, of course.
    Prehistoric” Catal Hüyük, Müslümantepe, Topakli , Mersin, Yümük Tepe, Göbekli Tepe, etc. are suddenly told to be “7,000 years older than Stonehenge.”prueba soldadoo.qxp:My first enciclopedia

    yawnThat takes it back to a very long time ago, for which there aren’t any records whatsoever, when “hunter-gatherers were not even supposed to know agriculture, nor be able to raise cattle” as the “proto“-Sumerians or Cushites rather, obviously did in the Sahara before it ever became a desert as a result of some REAL Climate Change! Why? Because the Ice Age rains (like the Northern snows!) stopped falling there around 14-1200 BC, as Pharao Menerptah also wrote on his ‘Israel stele’ that “the rays of the sun disc became visible after the semi-permanent cloud cover over Egypt diminished“, after the heavy rains had eroded the Sphinx for some 900 years, and the cattle-raising nations there subsequently were forced to move away into sub-Saharan Niger or the Nile valley. One of those tribes emigrated as “Olmecs” to Yucatan Mexico, after being beaten as “Sea People” by that very same Pharaoh.

  • And in their rampant confusion, they still call Gobekli Tepe… a “Stone Age ritual center”, despite the fact it appeared more like quite a progressive farming community with stables, homes, and high-tech artifacts. The rare metal ones either had rusted away after 4.500 years, or the precious iron was sold or stolen away, and that’s why only stone was left! And so the narrow-minded thinkers call it “Stone Age!”
    Yet a very fine, high-tech, micro-faceted, obsidian bracelet was found in Asikli Hoyük which we are still unable to copy! By the way, obsidian is an incredibly hard material, yet they date it here to 9,500 years old (7,500 BC), just to keep in step with their maledicted prescribed Darwinian dating & paralytic paradigm peer-pressure!


Orthodox History is yet another crippled science following hobbled paradigms from calcified conservative archaeologists lost in a confusing mess of their own making, as they try to hold on to an outdated overturned Neo-Darwinian theory and worldview that with every passing day gets more falsified!
Will they come to their senses? No! Why not?

ComradePolitical Correctness Hijacked Historical Science!

What is wrong with old-fashioned empirical science these days? Did they throw it under the bus? It is very similar to what is happening in Climate Science, since a political agenda hijacked the science by a propped-up “consensus” which is no consensus at all other than a media-contrived popular cult among gullible young people who still trust the media somehow!


As their mantra goes, “97 % of scientists believe in anthropogenic CO2 driven Global warming” which is false, as it has been cooling for over 13 years! Most scientists, not funded by ideologically driven Global Carbon Tax subsidies, do not think it correct or sound science but politics practiced in biased academic centers on the gravy train of Globalist, Collectivist, Culturally Marxist-driven politics sponsored and funded by Wall Street, who also own the mainstream media turrets that churn out this CO2 driven drivel & neo-Soviet propaganda!


A very similar thing is afoot in Historical Science (and many other sciences) It somehow all has to agree with long-falsified Neo-Darwinism, or forget it! No matter what the facts on the ground say, somehow they construe it in such a way that it fits the macro-evolutionary narrative of dumb and dumber getting smart and smarter, whereas the facts tell us that smart is actually getting dumb and dumber!

And especially in the Divided States of America. Pitiful young Americans can’t spell or find countries on a map! Dumbed down as Charlotte Iserbyt decries in her videos.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the real reason for the malaise in Historical Science. Its legs are paralysed by Darwinitis, its arms by Evolutionitus, and the head had a Dialectic Materialist stroke which caused the poor hystorical patient to develop Schizophrenia, prating foolish Cultural Marxist phrases!

I’d like to challenge new historical students by asking them, “What the Hell do you study History for?” Just to score an easy cushy academic position to continue spreading false knowledge? Woe! If so, I’d like to remind you, that there will be a final test! We call it “Judgment Day!”, where all liars will get their just desert!

The ‘Man’ Behind the Curtain


Can you see how our historic views, paradigm, and education were screwed since the days that Cecil Rhodes began his Round Table society to spread the British Empire around the globe, and also started the ‘Rhodes Scholars Foundation’ administered by Victor Rothschild, Cecil’s ultimate financial sponsor.

“Ooh, conspiracy theory!” Well, why don’t you look it up for yourself, it is documented in Wikipedia!

And of course… ahem… the spread of Evolutionary teaching around the globe had nothing to do with the advent and growing influence of International Bankers in every sphere of life and society around the world. That would also be a “conspiracy theory” instead of a conspiracy fact! Ha!

nerd-glassesWhy do they want so bad to pinch that pair of thick coke-bottle glasses of Evolution & Darwinism on all of our noses, that it is referred to in every goddarned nature documentary and featured on the frontpage of every glossy magazine?

Well, believe it or not, the only possible alternative theory is not much to the liking of these Banksters. For if we do not come from primate monkeys via untenable non-existent beneficial mutations, then we descended indeed from a historically documented primal Father and Mother, not from Africa but from Eastern Turkey that used to be Armenian, before they genocided them and stole their Uruartu lands around Ararat.

But let me tell you, IF the story about the Global Flood had only been written on the Sumerian ‘Xisuthros’ tablet and the Babylonians’ ‘Utnapishtim’ tablet and in Greek mythology about Deucalion, [Greek mythology by the way turned into real history when smart Schliemann took it serious and dug up the ruins of Troy, even finding Odyssey’s “Dove Cup!”], and IF the Deluge had only been mentioned in the ancient Indian writings about ‘MaNU’, his three sons and VishNU, and in the Hawaiian “myth” of Nu-Uh who built a canoe with a house on it, or just in all the other 500 ethnic traditions from all over the frigging world, but NOT IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS IN THE BIBLE, that  historical Flood would have been no problem whatsoever for Mainstream historians to base History on! There would never have been promoted any Evolutionist religion or Darwinism whatsoever!

Why! Because those other 500 legends and myths do not contain a system-threatening philosophy of LOVE against the Elite’s SELFISH money matrix! So what is the real problem?

See, our Primate Patriarch is called Nuh, Noe, Nu, Noach, Nü-Wa, Nu-Uh, Nur, MaNU, acc. to wherever you come from! For example Indian Manu’s sons were called Charma, Sharma, and (Pra) Yapeti! Noah’s sons were called Ham, Shem, Japheth! Whereas the South-China Miao-zu people’s Nu-Ah’s sons were called respectively Lo-Han, Lo-Shen and Yaphu, and they even claim to descend from ‘Gomen’ the son of Yaphu! In other words: Gomer!

Comrade‘Yaphu’ is the very same patriarch claimed by the Kelts, Gauls, British, Irish, Saxons, Scandinavians,and others who descended from Japheth, the son of Noah! But that man is not politically correct and not considered anything else by gatekeeper Wicked-Pedia other than “myth!”

Likewise the “history” taught in the schoolbooks of the British about the Welsh for example, only goes back as far as the days of Julius Cesar, whereas their real history books by Geoffrey Monmouth and the other guy, blacklisted and ridiculed as nothing but “myths“, go back all the way to Brutus, Gomer, and Noah!

So you see, dear ladies and gentlemen, we have been screwed out of our real origins and real ancient history, and out of our real biological roots, and out of our real religious roots of a godly Noah, godly Abraham, godly Moses, and godly King David, and God’s Son Jesus Christ of course!

And our TV-, Hollywood- and MS Media-deceived and brainwashed minds are driven like cattle by our secret Cultural Marxist herdsmen from the Corporate Banking industry which stole all our wealth via the illegal practice of usury!

Evolution_3dglasses1951Wouldn’t you like to wake up for a change, to know what really happened in those ancient bygone days? Then go and check all our other articles on REAL history on this site and become very amazed.

There happens to be a great global ancient historical basis to all of these so-called “myths”, and we really do not descend from primitive stupid primates turned into beneficially genetically mutated intellectually superior evolutions. Instead, we actually are descended from much taller, smarter, genetically superior, patriarchs while we appear to becoming “dumb and dumber” and have been taken for a grandiose ride and mind-fucker!


We had better wake up quick and become once again real independent thinkers, before it is too late when they’re gonna kill us because we don’t feel comfortable taking an economic bio-chip in our right hand or forehead, just to buy or sell!

May God bless your faith and knowledge of real science! So be it! Amen!

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