Life after life

Suicide Bomber Sees The Light


By Marc McMillion  I   received this letter from a friend in Europe recently. It was just astonishing. I’ll add it here as I received it; the English isn’t perfect but you’ll understand. Some names and places have been changed …

30 Yr Old N.D.E. Revelations About The Future


A New Social Order
(see our underlinings that could never apply to the imminent secular humanist “New World Order” one World government! Nor to the coming false Christ of this world, but rather to the imminent Millennium!)
“After the darkest hour had …

Is God a Vindictive Monster?!

be very afraid & scared

Many churches today promote the false doctrine of an eternal Hellfire for everybody who doesn’t attend their church! Religious teachers and church theologians teach that in the Afterlife, all mankind will be divided into two distinct classes: The “Saved” and …