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WHY WORSHIP? What IS worship?


I liked this sermon. I don’t attend church normally. Me and my wife & friends ARE the church-the body of Christ! We normally go witnessing daily which fills us with joy. THAT is one of our ways of worship, obedience …

Testimony of Meeting Jesus: “He drove a bus!”


Absolutely beautiful and inspiring miraculous testimony, worth the read!  In our most desperate of circumstances, He’s right there ready to pick us up, even by bus if necessary!
This happened quite some time ago, my mother and brother had gone to …

“Who Do You Think You Are?!”


By Marc McMillion
Has anybody every said that to you, “Who do you think you are?” Or maybe, have you ever said that to yourself? It can get kind of deep.
Pride is such a major pitfall of Christians. But on the …

Stunning photo: Earth, as seen from Mars


Click for a full resolution image:

Anthony Watts calls it “quite a humbling image“, of course because we seem so small. The same thing Hawkins gave as reason why he doesn’t believe the Earth is the center of the Universe, …

Gas Station Karaoke Jam Session


PP Editor: I HATE American TV (others too but not as much, but I just couldn’t pass this one up: These people were lovingly awesome!
The Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News hit the jackpot when they recorded this Gas Station Karaoke Jam …