The Real Churchill was a War Monger


Churchill was a dupe for the Illumi-nutty! I can now see why the British distablishment hate and demonise David Irving so much. Because he is such a good historian! Good History tells the truth about the Powers That Shouldn’t Be! …

Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too


| By Brandon Smith |

Numerous cultures have had holidays dedicated to the celebration of pulling the wool over the eyes of others, from the ancient Romans, to early Muslims, to medieval Christians, to Americans and Europeans today.  As April begins, we once …

The Phoenicians Discovered Australia


How The Phoenicians Won The Race By Centuries [PP: But maybe it was the Chinese!]

By Tab Benedict  –  James Cook discovered Australia alright – for himself But the Phoenicians got there first. The evidence is presented by Val Osborn in …

Socrates meets Jesus – Kreeft


A performance of the play SOCRATES MEETS Jesus by Kevin O’Brien, based on the book by Peter Kreeft, at the American Chesterton Society Conference in Worcester, MA on August 2, 2013. Well worth watching and spreading to others. Kreeft is …