Email providers connection logs table


Hacker10 emailed 14 different email providers and identifying myself as a blogger I asked them about their connection logs retention policy, here are the answers:
Would it be possible for you to let me know for how long does your email service …

How to Avoid Becoming a Patsy


posted by Jennifer

An increasingly common hazard of modern life is finding that you have been blamed for a CIA false flag. These practical steps will help you to avoid this predicament, everyone’s worst nightmare. Modern life presents some unique challenges. …

Is God a Vindictive Monster?!

be very afraid & scared

Many churches today promote the false doctrine of an eternal Hellfire for everybody who doesn’t attend their church! Religious teachers and church theologians teach that in the Afterlife, all mankind will be divided into two distinct classes: The “Saved” and …


Today was one of the most discouraging days for me in a long time, but as I went passing out tracts at the Uni, after meeting many interested young students, I eventually ran into a sweet beautiful 24 yr. old Aries local graphic design student girl who spoke perfect English. We had a 1 1/2 hour conversation about Near Death Experiences. I told her to look up Howard Storm’s NDE on Youtube but then proceeded to tell her his story. She was fascinated. I was pretty broken up due to some personal trials and my heart was touched. Finally I asked her if she would like to have Jesus in her heart too, and she said wholeheartedly yes. I took her hand and she repeated the sinners’ prayer after me. I gave her a bilingual Bible and just showed her John 1:12 and Hebrews 13:5. It was a beautiful event. Thank you Jesus for witnessing, a fast cure for trials! :) Love, Lu. [PS: This ASIDE is a feature I just discovered and may use more in the future. No title, no graphics, just text. Great for quick thoughts!] IF you haven’t seen RT’s documentary on Agafia and the old believers, you should! Here are some news headlines I collected and think are worth checking:

The Real Reasons For U.S. Airstrikes In Syria – Breaking The Assad Regime

Calls grow for U.S. to take out Assad, along with Islamic State

Oath Keepers Founder Warns Feds Of Civil War At National Press Club (VIDEO)

RAF prepares for bombing raids using Storm Shadow ‘bunker busters’

Turkey accused of colluding with Isis to oppose Syrian Kurds and Assad following surprise release of 49 hostages

US Strike on Syria is Desperation Incarnate

US Aggression Drags World into Age of Global Anarchy

Turkey Preparing for Syria Occupation?

The NEA’s Socialist Worldview–part two

The Stumbled and fallen…..Why are many of our high US military officers departing military service for obscure reasons?

John Kerry’s Legacy is one of Treason to His Country & Betrayal of our POW/MIAs

FEMA Camp Locations in US – state-by-state List & Map – Expel the FedGov from State Lands

FBI, DHS Go Full Scaremonger: Warn Police Of Airstrike-Inspired “Homegrown Extremists” & “Disgruntled Employee” Threats

Neocons Still Run the GOP – What’s a Neoconservative?

High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked To Kidney Stones: 5 Facts To Know

Study: Saccharin And Sugar May Be More Addictive Than Cocaine

Mysterious Illness Plaguing Girls Who Received HPV Vaccine

When The CDC Tells Us To Prepare For The Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About To Get Real

Japan withdraws support for HPV vaccines due to infertility side effects

UK considers adding boys to HPV vaccination programme