Nile Bowie: 非洲司令部的报告:打击中国在中部非洲的经济侵略


AFRICOM Report: Combating Chinese Economic Encroachment in Central Africa  (English Version)

Globalists Unveil Socialist-backed New World Tax Regime


Written by  Alex Newman
As various tax-funded international institutions explicitly outline plans to plunder humanity’s wealth to prop up governments drowning in odious debts, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) last week officially unveiled a new socialist-backed plot to …

Chemtrail planes NOT on radar almost collide with regular airliners!

ChemtrailTankersCollision Chemtrail planes NOT on radar almost collide with regular airliners!

A Fed Ex plane was on a dangerous collision course with two chemtrail tanker planes only seperated vertically by 2000 feet or 700 M. The video show some more near collisions. Two days ago here in Taipei the sky was crisscrossed with thick chemtrail tracks, while the old ones do not disappear as contrails do, but they had already widened out and caused a haze everywhere.

To me it is so shocking and amazing how the small powerful Globalist elite has talked either the ruling elites or the airforce elites of all these Western aligned countries in Asutralia, North and South America, Europe, into supporting this massive spraying program. It shows how far the World government is already in place and calling the shots in many things, like Global Warming, Agenda 21, Monsanto GMOs, Vaccination policies, and of course all supported if public or denied if secret to the masses. We live in a rigged world. And so my dear royal family of God’s people, we are almost there. He is coming soon!

Potassium Iodide Side Effects!- Precautions And Warnings


Potassium iodide Side Effects from Drugs.com
There are long lists of pretty severe reactions – includes Hyper and Hypo thyroidism in some people, and goiter.
EXCERPT from CDC page below -
“Adults: Adults older than 40 years should not take KI unless public …