Thailand: West Tearing Down Old World to Build a “New” One


ประเทศไทย: ชาวตะวันตกฉีกโลกเก่าทิ้งเพื่อจะสร้างโลก”ใหม่”
The first step in subjugating a population is identifying their source of strength, undermining it, and eventually eliminating it. This textbook strategy employed by empires throughout human history is still busily being applied around the world as Wall Street …

Latest REAL Headlines for Thailand


Economist’s Absurd “Divided Thailand” Commentary
January 24, 2014 (ATN) – The Economist has recently floated a narrative that the current Thai regime could flee to the north and “separate” the region from Thailand. Far from a legitimate government seeking to …

Message to the world from Thailand


Posted by iandme2012 ⋅ ธันวาคม 29, 2013 ⋅ ให้ความเห็น
Open letter to the world from Thailand 
        Dear foreign press and media around the world, it is obvious that some media are now disseminating untrue information about the protest that …

Thaksin’s Red Brownshirts Under Red Academic Tutors Wielding “Democratic” Clubs


เมืองเถื่อน! “ขวัญชัย” จูงอดีต ส.ส.เพื่อไทยต้อนแดงถ่อยปิดล้อม ขู่ทำร้ายก.

[FYI: This is inside Red Shirt claimed territory! Udon Thani] Look what Thaksin Yingluck’s Democracy has brought and done to Thailand! They really think that Thailand will get more democracy than in the West where …

Pravit Rojanaphruk Peddles “Class War”


Bangkok English paper The Nation’s Pravit peddles dangerous pro-Thaksin “class war” 

December 11, 2013 (Tony Cartalucci) – Pravit Rojanaphruk of Bangkok’s English newspaper “The Nation,” penned a particularly revolting article titled, “A letter to the well-heeled protesters of Bangkok,” where he …