The Christian family refusing to give up its Bethlehem hill farm bulldozed by Israel


A Palestinian Christian family that preaches non-violence from a farm in the West Bank is battling to hold on to land it has owned for 98 …

Western Politicians Blackmailed into Foreign NWO Control by Pedofilia?

Dutch Royalty, Notables Accused of Child Killing
This is incredible. A woman claiming to be the wife of the Mafia leader in Holland has implicated Queen Beatrix and many Dutch notables, including Geert Wilders and possibly George Soros (not Dutch) in the satanic ritual abuse, rape and murder of children. Normally I would reject such outlandish …


Mu ‘ ummar’s last speech: ‘If I have to die, so be it.’

In the name of Allah, the …beneficent, the merciful…
For 40 years, or was it longer, I can’t remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert, I …


Professor Cees Hamelink- Letter to Putin – “Our media have lost all independence”

” It’s unfortunately true, that our media have lost all independence and are just mouthpieces for the Powers that Be.”
Professor Cees Hamelink from the Netherlands is a breath of fresh air compared to the propaganda media that has taken a grip on the west. He recently wrote to Mr. Putin.  I have closely followed the …

Mum of six released from jail after imprisonment over home schooling dispute

Fionna Gribben — Sept 4, 2014

Monica O’Connor and husband Eddie O’Neill. Click to enlarge
A MUM of six who was jailed today for non payment of a fine relating to not sending her children to school was released shortly before 1pm.
Speaking minutes afterwards Monica said she was still in shock as to what happened.


9-11 Cover-up Murder of Brave Beverly Eckert, Flight #3407

Photos of Flight #3407, the flight that Beverly Eckert was on when it went down in flames. All these  pictures are copyright Steven Wallace. He was called by local officials to the site, and was on site within five minutes of the crash.

Beverly Eckert was murdered by Zionist operatives who were threatened by her powerful …


Unregenerated N-American Pigs can’t taser son of God who calls on Father & FLEES! Ha!

Jacob Less, the king of the hobos, gets jumped by OPP near Brantford, Ontario. The cops refuse to tell him why they are trying to arrest him, and he refuses to acknowledge their illegitimate authority over him. He sings in his regular rhyming scheme, which pisses off the cops. They try to taser him into …


Too lax, too lazy, too little, and sadly… too late! Bye Bye Amerikan Pie!

Robert Welch in 1974 reveals NWO – *vid* To many of you this brief video clip will be familiar, for other patriotic Americans it’s a must view.  In 1958, then later here in 1974 at the John Birch Society dinner, Robert Welch reveals the NWO agenda to induce the gradual surrender of America’s sovereignty to …


US “Pivot” Stumbles in Thailand

PP: What is the role of government? To keep order, security, and guarantee liberty for its people, and to resist any other interests that would conspire to take the former away! May Thailand’s govt. thus prevail!

August 19, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Months after the May 22, 2014 military coup that ousted the regime …


Whistleblowers Report Ebola Outbreak as Commercial Crime & Scientific Fraud as International Health Emergency Declared

This is not some polished mainstream news presented by glamorous fox personalities, but by NOT mainstream, one NON glamorous researcher and a real journalist. They made an amateurish presentation with lots of very shocking news. Dr. Horowitz is quite well known as an alternative expert on viruses and pandemics. This is a well documented and …


13 years later 9-11 & Media-Govt cover-up & our enslavement are NOT OVER!

C-SPAN Interviews Determined AE911Truth Founder: Richard Gage, AIA, drives home explosive evidence that the towers came down due to controlled demolition, in other words NOT “Osama Bin Laden & his Afghani cave robbers.” The masters behind this self-inflicted terror, started their fake “war on terror” that canceled our Western Civilisation’s ‘Magna Carta’ freedom legacy & …


God bless Irish refusing Israeli genocide! Now boycott ur complicit Media & govt!

WHERE’s THE BLOODY REST OF YOU! Holland? Germany? Scandi? France? Italy? Etc. Onto the streets!!
Boycott the Genocidists’ products & supporters: Starbucks, Estee Lauder, Coca Cola, etc! (Besides bad for your health already!) And stop buying, watching, repeating complicit Mainstream media! Boycott their advertisers & sponsors! Even Native American Indians Take a Stand For Gaza WATCH!


Build your own Powerful WiFi Receiving Antenna 54 Mbps DIY

How to build a DIY long range wireless usb free wifi boost antenna satellite dish booster. Wireless Wifi is the future. They’re gonna dig up the cables to sell the copper and cut the glass cables in the process. So the only ones having internet is people that can connect to the wireless broadcaster antennas. …


Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine

This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine… It will make you cry… Additionally, which we appreciate is that her group IWPS is NOT a taxpayer-subsidized tax-exempt organization! But you have to understand one thing: America is controlled & owned now by Zionist Israel! USrael! ▶ That’s why US and Israel …


MeshNet The Future Free New Internet Explained! Get On Board Today!

PP Editor: Do NOT be intimidated by the knowledge you don’t have yet. Take your time and check out the videos and try to search items you like to understand better. BUT DON’T GIVE UP! This is worth your time researching and it is not THAT difficult! You just have to get the router and …


IF Engineered Ebola Hits: Prayer Will & Colloidal Silver May Be Your Salvation

Whether Ebola was man-made and man-spread does not matter anymore when it comes close to you. 
Turn/return to Jesus & pray for His protection! Stay away from dangerous vaccinations that don’t help anyway. But there are a few other things you could do to prepare for an epidemic:

Fasting for 3 days, only drinking water, increases your …


If your church is IRS Tax-Exempt you’re probably not getting the True Word of God from the Pulpit

If your church cannot survive without government, then its salvation cannot stand either. Might want to look around or start your own. Jesus had no government subsidies; is your church more worthy than His to take money stolen from others? Support no ‘charity’ that does. Remember, Church can be 2 or 3 together in My …