Iran Celebrates Christmas?? Yeah Big time!



MORE CHRISTMAS IN IRAN BY ARMENIANS, AND ASSYRIANS ALREADY THERE FOR 3000 YEARS!!! And America thinks it is the only Christian country in the world. Ha!

Yet Muslims, if they convert, will be often jailed or even killed. So …

Perfect Freedom by Tim Keller – Audio


The Apostle Paul examines the concept of grace and the reason why our lives must follow Christ’s example. Only through God’s grace and accepting Christ into our lives will we ever find true freedom and our true selves.
Your browser does …

Socrates meets Jesus – Kreeft


A performance of the play SOCRATES MEETS JESUS by Kevin O’Brien, based on the book by Peter Kreeft, at the American Chesterton Society Conference in Worcester, MA on August 2, 2013. Well worth watching and spreading to others. Kreeft is …