Nganong adunay mga katalagman?


   Nganong adunay mga linog, mga tsunami o higanteng mga balod gumikan sa dagkung linog, mga baha, pagbuto sa mga bulkan, kagutom, mga makalilisang nga mga bagyo, epidemya, paghuwaw ug mga grabeng aksidente o disgrasya nga mipatay sa daghang mga …



街上的一個小天使! “Little Angel of the Street” True Comics Witnessing Gospel Tract in Traditional Chinese! If you want to use this for photocopying, change the files into gray-scale first & take them to your local copy-shop. They are fit for an …

Stunning photo: Earth, as seen from Mars


Click for a full resolution image:

Source: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/details.php?id=PIA17936
Anthony Watts calls it “quite a humbling image“, of course because we seem so small. The same thing Hawkins gave as reason why he doesn’t believe the Earth is the center of the Universe, …

Looks Like Vietnam Is Getting Holy Spirit Injection! Sexy! As Well as Indonesia & Taiwan: Great Loving Jesus Music!

Getting it on with Jesus! Do you love Jesus? His International multi-cultural Bride is making herself ready for the Marriage! Who could be more multicultural then God’s Children! All nations ONE in Him! No one can beat that unity! Commie Internationale??? Ha! We have a Universal Intergalactic Love Orgy on the menu! Jesus Come Quickly! Said the Pharisee, “Oh no! The WHOLE WORLD is gone after Him!” Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, CHINA! Oh no!!!!

And God bless our Indonesian Family doing very heart-touching and professional music nothing less than the best! (Sounds like Jacy Velasquez) collectively calling out to “Tuhan” (Lord) Yesus! Song is called: ‘Lebih Dalam Kumenyembah’. (Take me deeper!) This song really moved my heart making me almost weep (had to really sit on it, ha!), and I didn’t even know exactly what they are singing other than that they love Jesus! I do too!. How can your secret Muslim brethren in Isa resist the Holy Spirit in that song! Can’t! Pray for the Indonesian brethren. They probably will have quite a cross to bear. (Well, don’t we all. icon smile Looks Like Vietnam Is Getting Holy Spirit Injection! Sexy! As Well as Indonesia & Taiwan: Great Loving Jesus Music! Hallelujah!

When will Jesus return to Earth?


Maybe you don’t believe in God, much less in Jesus yet, but just for your information and extra-curricular education, I’d like to explain to you when Jesus will come back, according to His own indications and those of St. Paul …