Gas Station Karaoke Jam Session


PP Editor: I HATE American TV (others too but not as much, but I just couldn’t pass this one up: These people were lovingly awesome!
The Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News hit the jackpot when they recorded this Gas Station Karaoke Jam …

Hey Luigi!


‘Ciao, is this-a the police?’
‘Yes it is. How can we help you?’
‘I’m-a calling to report about-a my neighbour, Luigi. He’s-a hiding the Cocaine inside-a his-a firewood!’
‘Thank you very much for the call.’
The next day, police officers …

A Jewish Atheist Turned Christian — of all things!

JeffreyMiller A Jewish Atheist Turned Christian    of all things! “I thought I never sinned!”

Self-conceited, self-righteous, self-promoting, sinning, intellectual, atheist “brilliant” Jew… humbles himself just a little and gets Jesus. A miracle! Enjoy! Jews are great performers! One can almost forgive him for being a Zionist Christian! Ha! Just goes to show how great, wide, large, high, and low the love of God goes! And if there is hope for him, there must be hope for a few others! SO keep witnessing folks, that is what it’s ALL about. But FEW there be that find it!

Reality Check: Increasingly difficult for parents to raise kids to caring adults. They all want to be stars! Ha!

I think I would have sent her to America! To try out for America’s Got Talent, and get a reality check done by the able jury, like Howard Stern? Ha! God bless that mother! A pan is a good thing when you need one. I guess the “social services” in that country are not that developed yet! Thank the Lord for that! Comments are so welcome. Question: What would you have done with her? By the way I really would like to hear from my regular blog visitors:

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And don’t worry if your English is not so good. I can help out! We would love to hear from you all:.”How would you have dealt with this talented girl if she was YOUR daughter!”  icon smile Reality Check: Increasingly difficult for parents to raise kids to caring adults. They all want to be stars! Ha!



Very Careful Saudi Satire! “No Woman No Drive!” But you can add a lot more to that!

  1. No camel, No Boat!
  2. No woman. No Vote!
  3. No Oil? So No “Bread!”
  4. No Working! No Sweat! (South Asians are their slaves!)
  5. No poverty No Tax..
  6. No Alcohol! No Sex! (Except in Thailand!)
  7. Go Stealing! No Hand! (Sharia law for thieves)
  8. No mercy! No Head!
  9. No Terror at-home
  10. Give Al Qaeda a loan! (Pay war ag. Syria!)
  11. No Gospel, no goal,
  12. Not Saved means lost soul!