The Mystery of the Iron Peg


David was stunned. He stared at it. Then shook his head. Finally, he looked me in the eye and said, “Jonathan, this iron peg is the greatest archaeological mystery of all time.”
Then he paused, carefully measuring his words: …

Testimony of Meeting Jesus: “He drove a bus!”


Absolutely beautiful and inspiring miraculous testimony, worth the read!  In our most desperate of circumstances, He’s right there ready to pick us up, even by bus if necessary!
This happened quite some time ago, my mother and brother had gone to …

A Jewish Atheist Turned Christian — of all things!

JeffreyMiller A Jewish Atheist Turned Christian    of all things! “I thought I never sinned!”

Self-conceited, self-righteous, self-promoting, sinning, intellectual, atheist “brilliant” Jew… humbles himself just a little and gets Jesus. A miracle! Enjoy! Jews are great performers! One can almost forgive him for being a Zionist Christian! Ha! Just goes to show how great, wide, large, high, and low the love of God goes! And if there is hope for him, there must be hope for a few others! SO keep witnessing folks, that is what it’s ALL about. But FEW there be that find it!