“The Last 7 Years” -Daniel 9:27-


If you’ve been seeing the other videos on the prophecies of Daniel before this, you’ll know that this is essentially the seminal video in the series. This video, based around the last verse in Daniel 9, is focused on the …

When will Jesus return to Earth?


Maybe you don’t believe in God, much less in Jesus yet, but just for your information and extra-curricular education, I’d like to explain to you when Jesus will come back, according to His own indications and those of St. Paul …

Expect more earthquakes world-wide for next two years! – Piers Corbyn astrophysicist


Comments from Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction
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Twitter address Piers_Corbyn –   21-2-11
As New Zealand is struck by Earthquake Piers says:-
Expect more earthquakes world-wide for next …