Mark of the Beast 666 chip

Shocking Google Patent: RFID 2014


By Susan Duclos
In the video below AMTV’s Christopher Greene, starting at the 30 second mark, discusses newly announced technology and goes over the ramifications as well as how this technology is meant to integrate with the human brain which brings …

When will Jesus return to Earth?


Maybe you don’t believe in God, much less in Jesus yet, but just for your information and extra-curricular education, I’d like to explain to you when Jesus will come back, according to His own indications and those of St. Paul …

Quit Googling and STARTPAGE-ing!

StopGoogleStartPage 300x210 Quit Googling and STARTPAGE ing!Why are you still Googling? They spy on you! STOP Google, and Start-paging with Startpage and get Startmail soon! Lets keep the Internet FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! We don’t need anyone looking over our shoulder when we go to a library.

And if they want to fight TERRORISTS then they ought to arrest the governments and their leaders who have committed treason and state terror in Wacko Texas, Oklahoma Fed building, The USS Liberty attack, the first WTC bombing, the US state sponsored and Israeli rigged 9-11 attacks where Muslims were patsies, the underwear bomber let on the plane by US embassy personnel, The Madrid Bombings, the Bombay bombing, and the London 7-7 bombings, Sandyhook, Boston, and many more to come IF we don’t stop them!

Start Paging and StartMailing NOW! Quit Gmail, Facebook and Yahoo!

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NO! I don’t get paid by Startpage. I like to help people escape the all seeing eye of Corporate America!