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Kitco – Bill Murphy (GATA) vs Jeff Christian (CPM Group) Silver Manipulation Debate. Kitco set up subliminal message during debate for people to “believe” Jeff Christian more


Kitco – Bill Murphy (GATA) vs. Jeff Christian (CPM Group) “Silver Manipulation” Debate. Kitco set up a subliminal message during the debate for people to “believe” Jeff Christian more.
Kitco’s much touted “Silver Manipulation” Debate between Bill Murphy and Jeff Christian …

Mixed Messages On Gaddafi


By Stephen Lendman
Nothing from NATO, political capitals, puppet TNC officials, and major media scoundrels is credible. Nonetheless, manipulated public opinion says he’s gone.
Wikipedia has him born June 7, 1942, died October 20, 2011, saying Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi “was …

UN Ambush: India vs. Monsanto

IndiaPrime Minister

By Cassandra Anderson
October 5, 2011
Dear Indian Farmers:
I am writing to you because your government is trying to fool you.   It was announced that India is suing Monsanto for ‘biopiracy’.  They want you to believe that their legal action will …