Signs in Stars

Fibonacci Universe – Who Destroyed Our Education?


Fibonacci sequence. The Golden Ratio. It appears all over the universe. Within plants, trees, storms, all over the human body and even our DNA.
The most amazing documentary’s I have seen EVER,The magic of our miraculous universe proven by science demands …

When Was the Great Pyramid Really Build?


“Well, how old is the Great Pyramid?” asked Rick. “Some say it is 10,000 years old, long before Egypt was founded, while others say it is much younger.”
Evidence. that’s what Rick wanted. In fact, I do receive quite a …

“The Last 7 Years” -Daniel 9:27-


If you’ve been seeing the other videos on the prophecies of Daniel before this, you’ll know that this is essentially the seminal video in the series. This video, based around the last verse in Daniel 9, is focused on the …