Biggest Dino Ever Died in Catastrophic Flood 100 mil. yrs. ago! Oh really?

This was from PressTV, supposedly an Iranian State Mainstream media outlet, but of course ALSO spreading Darwinist propaganda. You think some of these, are alternative news media? If so, you are too gullible. So what really happened with this Dino, is it really 100 million years old? A catastrophic Flood? Where did I hear that …


The “Fig Tree” in the Heretical New-Fangled American Evangelical Bible!

“The Fig Tree” Habakuk 3
American Evangelical Heresy!
17 The fig tree shall blossom AGAIN, THERE [shall] fruit [be] in the vines; the labour of the olive shall PROSPER, and the fields shall yield meat; the flock shall be NOT be cut off from the fold, and [there shall be] herds in the stalls: 18 THAT’S WHY …


Dim Christians Gang Up on Islam! USrael’s Wish Come True!

I know I have posted news about ISIS beheading campaign, but I have made clear that ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, is a USraeli creation, and as such it is Israel and the United States Junta that is doing the beheadings and KILLING of Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, :Lebanese Christians, Sunnis, Shi-ites, Bahai, …


Hey Darwinist Teacher! Leave those kids alone! Another Cultural Marxist brick in your wall

A very revealing Pink Floyd song video. Thought control to make them just “another brick in the (globalist Cultural Marxist) wall.” Via the Bankers’ Rhodes scholars’ masses of school children all over the world were indoctrinated with Materialistic Darwinism.
It is tragic that most people can’t even fathom or realise that they have been subjected to …



Bardarbunga visited by UFOs? Our troll behaviour explained! THIS WOULD SUPPORT OUR FORMER ANALYSIS!  Bardarbunga had over 1300 earthquakes. If it explodes we hope it will not be as disastrous in 1477. It may be related that there is a photo of B.’s webcam in which appears a vague UFO. UFOs visiting volcanoes is …


God’s Counsel to Bankers & Politicians – Isaiah 10

1 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;
2 To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!
3 And what will ye do in the …


US, EU & Russia all heads of the same Hegelian Globalist Beast

PP Editor: As we’ve said before the US, EU and Russia are all heads of the same Beast, and the US -EU-raeli ‘New World Order’ is self-destructing according to plan to make way for the planned REAL One World Government, — as predicted by the prophets — coming from Russia (Ezekiel 38,39) and her BRICS.
Look …


Complicit Darwinian media & Dr. Schweitzer obfuscating “70 million yr. old” SOFT Dinosaur tissue, trying to keep her job!

There just AIN’T no 65 million year old soft tissue! But hey, Ms Schweitzer has got to keep shopping and feed her family, so she has to safeguard her cushy academic job, by desperately holding on to the untenable narrative of the paralytic paradigm of Neo Darwinism, long ago disarmed and shown NON Science.
But the …


MeshNet The Future Free New Internet Explained! Get On Board Today!

PP Editor: Do NOT be intimidated by the knowledge you don’t have yet. Take your time and check out the videos and try to search items you like to understand better. BUT DON’T GIVE UP! This is worth your time researching and it is not THAT difficult! You just have to get the router and …


IF Engineered Ebola Hits: Prayer Will & Colloidal Silver May Be Your Salvation

Whether Ebola was man-made and man-spread does not matter anymore when it comes close to you. 
Turn/return to Jesus & pray for His protection! Stay away from dangerous vaccinations that don’t help anyway. But there are a few other things you could do to prepare for an epidemic:

Fasting for 3 days, only drinking water, increases your …


7th Day Adventist Reaction to Catholic Pope’s “Unify or Else!”

I am not a 7th Day Adventist nor prmote Ellen White! But I give place to anything that replicates at least Christ’s and Paul’s doctrine, or exposes Antichristism, or supports Scripture. In that light I give place to this 7th DA Walter Veith, (NOT for their Sabbath-judging hang-up, whether Saturday or Sunday, because Jesus is …


“And the Darwinist Show Must Go On!” “JUNK DNA” even at ‘Russia TODAY!’

Russia Today is NO bastion of truth! Sure, it is better in some ways than CNN and BBC, but don’t expect them to “QUESTION MORE!” as they pretend to do. They just answer the same Bankers’ Hegelian agenda differently, that “our source code contains junk code!”


The REAL statue of Liberty explains only solution to our apocalyptical dilemma

Liberty! Why America lost it? NO vigilance! Why she won’t get it back? NO Faith! (Yes! Faith in false preachers like Hagee and a false system of Churchianity instead of a living loving body that spreads the Gospel as if everything depended on it, which it does!)
This is a stone monument representing the only …


“Ancient Origins” is anything BUT & so the funded info war goes on!

“Ancient Origins” is a fully-formed, fully-funded new kid on the ‘Origins of Mankind’ block, pretending it is doing “honest research yada yada to discover our origins“, yet chose from the get-go that the debate is really over and there is after all a “Darwinian Consensus” of course, and they really wish to stuff that down …


Submarine Archaeological Discoveries ‘Lost Sea Kingdom’ Taiwan Japan by Steve Hsieh

PP EDITOR: Here are a couple of very interesting articles about underwater archaeological findings by Steve Shieh in Taiwan & Japanese mythology. I inserted corrections about their dating (& climatology); Radio/carbon dating tends to be incorrect over 3000 years, especially in case of underwater rocks so contaminated with all kinds of things e.g. crustaceans, chemical …


Revolutionary Empirical SOLAR Climate Model Released 2B Tested in Open Science Project

Today Dr. David Evans released the model and application of his ‘Notch-Delay Solar Theory’ that leads to a quantified, physical model that may demonstrate that the global warming of the last two centuries could have been mainly associated with solar radiation rather than carbon dioxide.
David Evans, despite a lot of flak from big egos on …


Does God Play Computer Games?

Yes, God does play games, but not on a computer. He plays His entire Creation as a Game! This virtual world we reside in, is kind of one big Super Game of chance, strategy, filled with all kinds of creatures, free humans, humans enslaved by other humans, animals, creatures with free choice like angels …


So you think God is Anti Sex? He sure has a sense of humour when he created PENIS plants! :-) (And bananas!)

God has a great sense of humour! Look how excited those Cambodian girls get! They are not afraid of microphones! “Hello! Hello?” Most people are SO media brainwashed to think that God hates Sex!
Are you kidding? He created the entire mechanics, the tools, the process, the lubrication, the smells, the fun and  joy, the orgasmic …