Fraudulent Science

Fibonacci Universe – Who Destroyed Our Education?


Fibonacci sequence. The Golden Ratio. It appears all over the universe. Within plants, trees, storms, all over the human body and even our DNA.
The most amazing documentary’s I have seen EVER,The magic of our miraculous universe proven by science demands …

How Antibiotics Disrupt Intestinal Flora


By Dr. Edward F. Group III |

The Harvard Medical School report that antibiotic side effects can last up to 42 days after the last dose. [1] You’re probably familiar with many of these side effects: diarrhea, irritable bowels, bloating, and …

Step One to Prepare Tofu Is To Throw It In the Trash


By Natasha Longo
It’s promoted as natural, gluten-free, low-calorie, no cholesterol and an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium. It’s also one of the most common sources of protein for those who pursue plant-based diets. But let’s be honest and …

Two-year-old Girl Is Found Dead 2 Days After Vaccinations


By Catherine J. Frompovich
A darling two-year-old, curly head Worcester, Massachusetts, toddler girl, Gigi, was found dead by her little brother in the morning after her mother had put her to bed, apparently well, the night before.
In the Channel 7 Worcester, Massachusetts, …

Do Transhumanists Want Realists Dead?


By Wesley J. Smith | Transhumanists crack me up, but I also find them a bit unsettling. They claim the mantle of scientific rationalism. But they are really desperate to escape the reality of mortality, and so pretend that “the …