The Mystery of the Iron Peg


David was stunned. He stared at it. Then shook his head. Finally, he looked me in the eye and said, “Jonathan, this iron peg is the greatest archaeological mystery of all time.”
Then he paused, carefully measuring his words: …

Why I’m Not an Atheist


This presentation by J. P. Moreland is lively, engaging, and informative regarding the defense and evidence of the coherence of the Christian worldview compared to the incoherence of the atheist worldview. Dr. Moreland uses Romans 1 in making his argument …

WHY WORSHIP? What IS worship?


I liked this sermon. I don’t attend church normally. Me and my wife & friends ARE the church-the body of Christ! We normally go witnessing daily which fills us with joy. THAT is one of our ways of worship, obedience …