Nile Bowie: 非洲司令部的报告:打击中国在中部非洲的经济侵略


AFRICOM Report: Combating Chinese Economic Encroachment in Central Africa  (English Version)

Who was that old rascal Cham?

So you don’t think that Ham or Cham was a real person of history? And you will consider the Syrians are crazy and backward because they still proudly call their nation since the dawn of time the ‘Land of Cham’?
And …

US government admits vaccines cause autism

Vaccines Infant Mortality

How the US government admits vaccines cause autism
What? The government admits vaccines cause autism?
The extensive article is at Title: “Vaccines Did Not Save Us.” It’s well worth studying. Halfway through the piece, we’re linked to a May 5, 2008, …

Fomorians giant sons of Ham & Canaan


In the Annals of Clonmacnoise p.14 “These fformores were a sept Descended from Cham the son of Noel, that there liuved by pyracy and spoyle of other nations and were in those days troublesom in the whole world.” This tells …