True History

Pagan Gods Were Mortal Men


by Brian Forbes    Summary:
There is a unanimous ancient perspective that directly contradicts the theory of evolution. It is being ignored by scholars in the modern day. Many pagan gods were mortal men. They were born, waged war, conferred advantages, had …

Origins Of Month and Day Names


Meanings of our Months: The word “Month” comes from the word “Moon”, so our “Months” should be from New Moon to New Moon which is the way our Creator God designed it.
JANUARY– Named for the Roman god Janus,’ …

Tea & Endtime with the Kurds


PP: God bless Mark McMillion visiting Syrian refugees! (see rest of post!) Most Christians don’t realise that like us, normal Muslims (not God hating Jihadis), also await the coming of Jesus Christ – Isa – except they don’t think he …

Liberation (Marxist) Theology


By Al Benson Jr.
Who says the Devil isn’t interested in theology? It’s one of those things, like history, that he enjoys getting in there and monkeying with, that he might twist its meaning and message to suit his own agenda …