ONE American who is not deceived! Prof. Scheuer

God! I can’t believe myself! I like a CIA guy! He speaks the truth! “I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow” –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress.  “We’re done like dinner!” Wow!

It won’t make any change with all the Israeli lackeys in Congress. These American traitors know where their bread is buttered. Unbelievable how they sell out their own country for plain cash.  They ought to hang them all! Scheuer: “We must stop the idiocy of Democracy Spreading” Wow! Question: What are the prime motivators are for Al Qaeda Jihadism?

Jewish Scientists Establish Global Climate Change at Time of Exodus 1200 BC End of Ice Age!

sahara desert earth climate 101220 02 Jewish Scientists Establish Global Climate Change at Time of Exodus 1200 BC End of Ice Age!By James Nienhuis

It’s great that Jewish scientists are establishing the Global Climate Change at the time of the Exodus. Call it righteous that Jewish scholars, ‘though uniformitarian, are establishing that climate change rocked the world at the time of the Exodus! Scientists, such as Harvey Weiss, Israel Finkelstein, and Dafna Langgut, are demonstrating by the physical evidence in the region that rainfall was much greater in the Middle East before the Exodus.

Charles Nenner’s Predictions – ‘Nuclear attack’ in US?

Interesting insider take from a Dutch Jewish Finance wizard. Take note! “A six year crisis?” He is “totally OUT of the stock market!” “I’m loading up with physical gold.” He either doesn’t support silver or doesn’t want to ring the alarm bell? [I would stay away from banks altogether.] “Gold could go verrrrrry high! Jim Rogers says 8-9-10.000 Dollars per ounce!” “He may be right”, but he doesn’t want “to alarm anyone” “Late or End 2014 the Dollar will collapse, or start collapsing!” Hot War within a year could lead to massive inflation. War and Inflation will go hand in hand. A bit of anti-Iranian propaganda as an Israel lover. “Top people [Goldman Sachs?] warned him that a nuclear device could go off in the US!” “Russia-China is creating another World Order, as America is not stepping in enough!” Hmmm… Must Watch! (Hi NSA! When you read this, and you’re a straying Christian in that hell-hole, you might as well take serious note! It will be another USraeli false flag!)  

Hey Darwinist Teacher! Leave those kids alone! Another Cultural Marxist brick in your wall

round table05 01 Hey Darwinist Teacher! Leave those kids alone! Another Cultural Marxist brick in your wallA very revealing Pink Floyd song video. Thought control to make them just “another brick in the (globalist Cultural Marxist) wall.” Via the Bankers’ Rhodes scholars’ masses of school children all over the world were indoctrinated with Materialistic Darwinism.

It is tragic that most people can’t even fathom or realise that they have been subjected to very well-planned thought control by the damned false Darwinist paradigm! They’ve got it all wrong! Darwinism leads to enslavement! Faith in God sets one free! “The truth will set you FREE!” and make you a really independent thinker! WATCH!

The Day Evangelicalism Shook over Hell

StottLibraryBible 300x195 The Day Evangelicalism Shook over HellWhen John Stott’s views were aired publicly in a book called Evangelical Essentials: A Liberal-Evangelical Dialogue (a public debate with a well-known English liberal, David Edwards), evangelical shook. His view was that the wicked will be annhilated; that is, Stott made it public that he — as true-blue an evangelical as one could find — was a conditionalist. I was a young professor at TEDS when that book was published, and I offered a bit of a response at the time in a book edited by W.V. Crockett and J. Sigountos, The Fate of Those Who Have Not Heard, where I focused exclusively on Matthew 25:31-46 (I was a Matthean specialist at the time).

Unregenerated N-American Pigs can’t taser son of God who calls on Father & FLEES! Ha!

Jacob Less, the king of the hobos, gets jumped by OPP near Brantford, Ontario. The cops refuse to tell him why they are trying to arrest him, and he refuses to acknowledge their illegitimate authority over him. He sings in his regular rhyming scheme, which pisses off the cops. They try to taser him into submission, but the taser charges his batteries, and he breaks free of their aggressions.

THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF GOD, IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, IN THE NAME OF Jesus! It even subjects the Canadian/US demons of totalitarian Hell-raisers. Even the Holy Spirit overruled their tasers so that they couldn’t debilitate him! Hallelujah! Oh God bless that brother who is most likely made homeless by the merchants that have usurped these once free Christian nations of 200 years ago. Children of God! Flee that wicked Hellhole called North Amerika, or as it is called in Revelation: “Babylon the WHORE of the Merchants!” Rev 18:4. WOE TO  YOU CANADA & AMERICA!!!


ufobardarbunga DOES NWO USE UFOS TO CREATE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS? Bardarbunga visited by UFOs? Our troll behaviour explained! THIS WOULD SUPPORT OUR FORMER ANALYSIS!  Bardarbunga had over 1300 earthquakes. If it explodes we hope it will not be as disastrous in 1477. It may be related that there is a photo of B.’s webcam in which appears a vague UFO. UFOs visiting volcanoes is not some isolated occurrence. Some of you may remember how our blog’s trolling bot still daily hits the same four articles to depress our Google ratings, as it only stays a second, explaining why they don’t show in the popular articles list on the right. Three articles are about vaccination dangers, but the other is about a video that shows several UFOs pumping up their electro-magnetic power visible as light plasma at the base of sakurijima volcano causing severe eruptions! See VDOs below! Our troll’s visits started in Queens NYC, moved to New Jersey, but since our article exposing him, it has been using a proxy server daily from Sweden!

Is Foley yet another fake, like Boston Bombing & Sandy Hook actors?

alalam 635441683274719362 25f 4x3 Is Foley yet another fake, like Boston Bombing & Sandy Hook actors? James Foley was anti-Assad. James Foley was used for anti-Assad propaganda. Reportedly Foley was captured and imprisoned by Assad’s forces. In May 2013, GlobalPost President Philip Balboni released the following statement on behalf of himself and Foley’s parents:
“We have obtained multiple independent reports from very credible confidential sources … that confirm our assessment that Jim is now being held by the Syrian government in a prison … under the control of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence service.”
So, how could the anti-Assad ISIS have got hold of James Foley? And why would the anti-Assad ISIS want to kill Foley? The US public does not want to send troops into Syria.
The fake Foley story is all about preparing the Western public for a US-led invasion of Syria. MUST WATCH

Did US Stage ‘Ruby Ridge’ to Ditch Militia? Vicky Weaver still alive?

The amount of hoaxed and staged murders, beheadings, terror attacks, etc., is staggering! Never expected “Ruby Ridge” to be one of them as well, but Vicky Weaver appears to still be alive! Mossad’s motto, “By Deception Wage Thy War!”, seemes to work so well that you wonder what WAS real, after all? Oklahoma FBI Murray building “bombing”, 9-11 “terror attack”, Sandy Hook, Boston “bombing”, 7-7 “Bombing” in London, Underwear “bomber”, London’s bloodless Wooley “beheading”, and now the “beheading” of Foley has serious questions. WATCH!