South Korea joins Japanese ban on U.S. wheat imports after shocking GMO contamination announcement by USDA

starve monsanto 300x226 South Korea joins Japanese ban on U.S. wheat imports after shocking GMO contamination announcement by USDABy Mike Adams on June 3, 2013

News about the GMO contamination of U.S. wheat crops seems to be spreading faster than the GMOs themselves. On Friday, South Korea joined Japan in announcing a halt on imports of U.S. wheat due to the USDA’s recent announcement that commercial wheat grown in the USA is contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically engineered wheat.

Some Americans may still not realize this, but GMOs are outlawed or shunned nearly everywhere around the world. Only in the USA have GMOs managed to avoid being labeled or outlawed — and that’s primarily due to Monsanto’s financial influence over lawmakers.

10 Ways to Starve a Multi-National GMO Conglomerate

starve monsanto 300x226 10 Ways to Starve a Multi National GMO ConglomerateBy

Monsanto seems intent on taking over the food supply of the entire world.  Their sterile, toxic seeds are in every corner of the globe.  Hungary recently made headlines for burning 1000 acres of fields of GMO crops to the ground. Dozens of nations have banned, or at the very least, regulated, GMO crops and products.  The heat is on the monolithic seed corporation, and it’s time to turn the temperature up even more in North America.  The federal government has made no secret of their support of Monsanto, so it’s up to us, the consumers, to starve them out.

The best way to do that, according to the founder of Eat Local Grown, Rick Davis, is to “Starve Monsanto, feed a farmer.”

Iran Uncovers British-Israeli Backed Terror Network

News Brief — June 2, 2013  Iran claims its intelligence has uncovered a network of Mossad-trained terrorists who had been preparing to disrupt the country’s forthcoming national elections.

“The ringleader of this group was recruited by the spy agency of one of the most dependent and reactionary Arab countries in the region,” Iran’s intelligence ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Aurora Bird Fossil? No way José! A Chinese Flying DRAGON fossil you mean!

FlyingDragonFossil Aurora Bird Fossil? No way José! A Chinese Flying DRAGON fossil you mean!

Archaeopteryx Aurora Bird Fossil? No way José! A Chinese Flying DRAGON fossil you mean!There they go again with their wishful thinking “science”. This is supposed to be the first fossil bird apart from Archaeopterix? (See fig. left) I think they have got it wrong again. It looks much more like a flying dragon as reported all through out Chinese history in the annals of our forefathers, who actually lived with and saw them. And not 150-160 million years ago either! We Chinese have  only been around for 4500 years!

Look at this graphic enhanced by us with muscle mass and contours. Do you see a bird? On the contrary, I see a bad-ass sharp-teethed, and long-tailed dragon! There are no missing links! The entire fossil record has NO missing links whatsoever!

The Planet X the Nephilim Nibiru and Anunnaki shock

nibiru planet x The Planet X the Nephilim Nibiru and Anunnaki shock
SUPPOSE THIS WAS YOU? Brian Childress received an email from somebody purporting to be a Nigerian banker offering Brian a chance to earn some serious money. He told Brian his bank was looking after 37 million dollars of a deceased millionaire. He said he needed a foreign bank account through which to launder the money – and if Brian would send him his bank details for this purpose, he would give Brian a share of the spoils. Brian helped him out, but he never saw these promised millions. They did not exist. Now, what’s this got to do with archaeology?

Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion

 Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake – The Science DelusionRupert Sheldrake is a fascinating member of the scientific world. The video below is of his TED talk where he covers “The Science Delusion.” This TED talk was controversially banned by the TED community after being aired.

If you have studied any area of science on your own or in school, you may have noticed or have come across the fact that there are many differing beliefs in the scientific world. While this statement seems impossible given that science is supposed to be based on evidence which produces theory, it is a delusion not to realize that much of what is strictly believed in the scientific world is only believed due to the common acceptance that is put into mainstream ideas — much like what takes place within religion. That is not to say that there aren’t amazing scientists out there coming up with profound findings and adding powerful contributions to all fields, it’s to bring light to the fact that in a mainstream sense one could say science is “stuck” or more accurately put, we have put a freeze on certain areas of science.

Obama’s Syrian Rebels Massacre Christian Village

James Heiser
May 30, 2013

While President Obama’s administration weighs overt military aid to Syrian rebels, the true character of the revolution underway in that country is becoming horrifically clear. Numerous press reports are providing details of a massacre perpetrated by the Free Syrian Army that annihilated the entire population of a Christian village.

Blind orthodox historians & “alternative” gatekeepers refuse to see the huge mammoth in the historical livingroom!

Mainstream history academia has been hijacked and handicapped by false paradigms which morphed it into an unscientific mess of confusion on key issues like chronology, ancient history, megaliths, ice ages, dating, origins of civilizations, intercontinental traffic and contacts, origin of man, and more.

megelephant Blind orthodox historians & alternative gatekeepers refuse to see the huge mammoth in the historical livingroom!

In the past things had been more or less under control in historical science. It had pretty much all been settled, for example that, “there had been “no pre- Columbian contacts between the Old World and the New World until the Indians had crossed via the Behring Street” or “the Vikings came via Iceland“, which fits the Darwinian paradigm much better than ancient sea-faring savants in ships crossing all the oceans long before Columbus!

Earth’s 2.345 BC Axial Tilt & Other Cover-Ups Never Mentioned & Fully Ignored even by ‘Alternative’ Historians!

Obliquity Earths 2.345 BC Axial Tilt & Other Cover Ups Never Mentioned & Fully Ignored even by Alternative Historians!

The greatest cover-up would be one nobody would believe nor consider to be a cover-up! It would consist of a fact everybody considers to be true, yet would be the greatest lie ever told, in plain sight. In other words, if you would try to expose it to people, they would snicker and laugh you to scorn, as they are taught to consider the skeptics stupid or uneducated dupes!

Go ahead and snicker, but I’m going to blow the whistle on this thing anyway, even though many may stop reading once they figure out which one it is. But I’ll try to build my case slowly and break it to you with little known scientific facts and proofs before you figure it out and react in programmed disgust.

No Historical Benefit in Vaccines: Polish Study

Heidi Stevenson

Sad Little Girl by Espen Faugstad negative and grayscale No Historical Benefit in Vaccines: Polish Study

The evidence continues to mount. That vaccines are doing a great deal of harm is well beyond denying. Worse, though, the evidence that vaccines have had little or no effect on infectious diseases is clear, as documented in new graphs. The precautionary principle, which is enshrined in a UN directive, should have been implemented before vaccines were ever routinely injected.

Yesterday’s article, Vaccines Do Irreparable Harm: Study from Poland, documents the revealing information brought out by Polish scientists’ review of the scientific literature on vaccination’s adverse effects and immune system effects. Today, the rest of the study covering neurological symptoms following vaccination and a history of vaccines demonstrating little benefit is reviewed.

1 UK murder hype creating Masonic W.W.III vs. millions M.E. victims by West. state terror/drones UNREPORTED!

AlmightyAllah 1 UK murder hype creating Masonic W.W.III vs. millions M.E. victims by West. state terror/drones UNREPORTED!

Soldier hacked to death in suspected “Islamist” attack

The Woolwich attack is the natural result of British government policies. What else can be expected after Britain helped invade Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. bringing destruction and upheaval and creating waves of refugees in the process.  Although it appears increasingly as if the two main suspects were not Afghan refugees but Nigerian born Black Britons it was inevitable that the consequences of Britain’s foreign policy’s would one day be felt on British streets.

The fact the London’s Lord Mayor Boris Johnson has denied any link between Britain’s foreign policy and the events in Woolwich on Tuesday only serves to emphasise that. All of which accords with the plans first outlined by master Freemason Albert Pike over a century ago in which he foretold of “Three World Wars“.