Testimony of Meeting Jesus: “He drove a bus!”

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring miraculous testimony, worth the read!  In our most desperate of circumstances, He’s right there ready to pick us up, even by bus if necessary!


Isaiah4031This happened quite some time ago, my mother and brother had gone to another city from where we were, they had been there all day, going from place to place, and it was getting late already, so they hurried to go to the bus station since inter-regional buses didn’t run after certain hour, but as soon as they got to the station they found that the last bus had just left.

Putin Controls the Fate of Ukraine, but Who Controls Putin?

Dave Hodges

putin-is-supermanLook, up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it’s Super Putin. He is single handedly taking on the evil bankers and winning.

According to some, Putin will singlehandedly rescue the world from the clutches of the Rothschild/Rockefeller criminal banking cartel. Putin is the modern day version of George Washington who will lead the world to the promise land while crushing the New World Order.

Loving (& eating) cows is EASY! Try loving PEOPLE as you love yourself!

Where have all German Christians gone? Long time passing..
Where have all Lutherans gone? Long time ago….
Where have all the Lovers gone..
Gone and become New Agers.. everyone…
When will they ever learn.. When will they ever learn..

I also love cows though! (and eat them) but I’d rather help the Syrian people againts American & German violence & agression and massacres! What is the right sense of values? God bless the happy cows though.. happy sacrifices!

More cute animal videos? click!

US Bankers’ Regime Hypocrites! Look at all the invasions & illegal wars in sovereign countries!




1 1775-1783 Revolutionary War against Great Britain
2 1775 +1776 Canada
3 1798-1800 naval war with France (NO declaration of war )
4 1801-1805 Tripoli , First Barbary War
5 1806 Mexico ( Spanish territory )
6 1806-1810 Gulf of Mexico
7 1810 West Florida ( Spanish territory )
8 1812 occupation of island Melia (Spanish territory)
9 1812-1815 Great Britain (war declaration is made)
10 1812-1815 Canada  [READ REST OF LIST!}

The Ukraine Crisis Continues, The US Is Planning Sanctions More And More Cities, Countrymen In The Ukraine Are Joining The Russian/Crimea Side

The world markets are in flux today over the Ukrainian crisis. The US stock market was down and gold pushed up. Prices of goods are rising and rents are at the highest point yet making disposable income shrink. Connecticut is starting the gun confiscation and many people are not complying. The Ukraine crisis continues, the US is planning sanctions more and more cities, countrymen in the Ukraine are joining the Russian/Crimea side. The US is planning its next move. General Alexander has reported that there is now a cyber attack red line and if a country crosses it the US will respond. Be prepared for a false flag. [which will come from ISRAEL!]

Nigel Farage: “There’s a chance for peace!” I DOUBT it given the NWO attitude!

Farage standing against endless wars.  The EU used to claim it was designed to bring peace. Now look at them, all out for war.  ’There’s a chance for peace,’ he says. I love the bit ‘ why don’t you shut up?’ to the former PM of Belgium. Lord help the Syrians to CALL on you for saving grace & protection against the Devil & his henchmen! They suffered enough. Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS!

Ole Dammegard on 50 years of assassinations. Coup d’etat in slow motion.

Ole Dammegard is an author and musician who has spent the last 30 years detangling the wave of 40 suspicious assassinations and terrorist acts that have occurred starting with the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

His conclusions:
1. These actions are being directed by the same group
2. Their goal is to accelerate the goal of one bank/one government/one digital currency
3. The same “mechanics” (assassins) are used over and over again.
Over 40 different assassinations connected. MUST WATCH!

China Study Shows U.S. is the Biggest Violator of non-U.S. citizen Human Rights in the World

The U.S. proclaims it invades other countries to provide ‘Freedom’ for those citizens.  The U.S. government proclaims to is a humanitarian country that stands for Democracy and Freedom around the World. The U.S. can say whatever it wants, but what it does shows a whole different story.

I Am an American (“I Am a Ukrainian” V-Mix)

ObombaTyrantImportant: Before viewing this video, you should have already seen the “I Am a Ukrainian” version which we believe is a propaganda piece likely funded and produced by the bankster-military-government-corporate-complex. http://youtu.be/Hvds2AIiWLA

Climate Change “Ministry of Silly Science” Slammed & Sacked

Australia’s ‘Ministry of Silly Science’ the Labor/Greens Climate Commission headed by Gaia-worshiper Tim Flannery has been sacked.
Flannery, although an Acknowledged Expert in Fossilized Kangaroo Shit, has been discredited because of his failed global warming predictions. Alarmist Flannery and his whole panel of ‘climate commissioners’ has been relieved of their official duties by the new Coalition government under Tony Abbott. Abbott is quoted as saying; “It does sound like an unnecessary position, given that the gentleman in question gives us the benefit of his views without needing taxpayer funding”.Translation; Flannery spouts his BS loud and long, whether he is paid by the taxpayer or not.

The New World Order Agenda in 2014?

Dosomething2Another point of view & analysis of 2014?! (Keep your guard up) Remember: Satan’s masters control both sides, and it’ll all lead to the revelation of the A-Christ, the real One World Government via Russia. the 666 economic control-chip, and the final persecution of Jesus Kingdom’s worldwide children of God, crowned by Jesus’ Majestic Return! Must watch!