China Study Shows U.S. is the Biggest Violator of non-U.S. citizen Human Rights in the World

The U.S. proclaims it invades other countries to provide ‘Freedom’ for those citizens.  The U.S. government proclaims to is a humanitarian country that stands for Democracy and Freedom around the World. The U.S. can say whatever it wants, but what it does shows a whole different story.

I Am an American (“I Am a Ukrainian” V-Mix)

ObombaTyrantImportant: Before viewing this video, you should have already seen the “I Am a Ukrainian” version which we believe is a propaganda piece likely funded and produced by the bankster-military-government-corporate-complex.

Climate Change “Ministry of Silly Science” Slammed & Sacked

Australia’s ‘Ministry of Silly Science’ the Labor/Greens Climate Commission headed by Gaia-worshiper Tim Flannery has been sacked.
Flannery, although an Acknowledged Expert in Fossilized Kangaroo Shit, has been discredited because of his failed global warming predictions. Alarmist Flannery and his whole panel of ‘climate commissioners’ has been relieved of their official duties by the new Coalition government under Tony Abbott. Abbott is quoted as saying; “It does sound like an unnecessary position, given that the gentleman in question gives us the benefit of his views without needing taxpayer funding”.Translation; Flannery spouts his BS loud and long, whether he is paid by the taxpayer or not.

The New World Order Agenda in 2014?

Dosomething2Another point of view & analysis of 2014?! (Keep your guard up) Remember: Satan’s masters control both sides, and it’ll all lead to the revelation of the A-Christ, the real One World Government via Russia. the 666 economic control-chip, and the final persecution of Jesus Kingdom’s worldwide children of God, crowned by Jesus’ Majestic Return! Must watch!

Media Turns ag. US?? CNN: “Perhaps the Boston bombings may have never occurred”

dzhokar tsarnaevSomething most aware people already knew or suspected, was that the Boston “Bombing” was a fake with staged casualties and Hollywood explosions. And those Chechen boys were/are most likely innocent, and Tsaernev still held as patsy as he said “I didn’t do it!! Why is CNN letting this cat out of the bag is very puzzling.

Ohio truck driver saw heaven for 45 minutes, then God sent him back

NDEvictimTruck driver Brian Miller,41, was delivering metal to a warehouse in Streetsboro, Ohio, when he felt a sudden tightness in his chest.

At first he thought the tightness might be due to a frigid blast from the polar vortex or even asthma, but as the pain sharply intensified, he dialed  9-1-1. “I’m a truck driver and I think I’m having a heart attack,” he told the dispatcher.

Photo of the day: Crowd lined up for food at Syrian refugee camp

LOOK WHAT AMERICA, UK, FRANCE, JORDAN, TURKEY, & ISRAEL OF COURSE HAVE DONE TO A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY, ITS PEOPLE, HOMES, AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap! Get ready for the reaping Obama, Netanyahu, McCain, Hollande, Cameron, and the rest of you murderers. (And Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan of course too!)

Aid is distributed at the Yarmouk camp in Damascus, where the UN says people have been reduced to eating animal feed. Since the photograph was taken, aid has ceased to be delivered because of security concerns.

“Earliest” single-cell bacteria contained seven complex motors


By Mark Ellis

Some believe human beings evolved from a single-celled creature, which gradually becoming more and more complex over a vast time span. But what if the oldest single-celled bacteria ever found contained intricate, synchronized motors more complex than a Boeing 747?

In November, 2012, two scientific groups from Osaka University in Japan and Aix-Marseille Université in France made a startling discovery.

Social Security Records Show No Deaths in Alleged Sandy Hook Massacre

Liar1LivingonPlanetZ — Feb 25, 2014 Sandy Hook – NO DEATHS, NO VICTIMS; According to SSDI Official Master File Alleged Sandy Hook Deaths Searchable in SSID Master File (PDF)

The originating website uses a purchased copy of the Social Security Death Master File, updated through 1 January 2014, which is public information. You are invited to search all of these records for the putative ‘victims’ of the Sandy Hook massacre. The Sandy Hook perpetrators know the SSDI or (SSDMF) is the best single definitive source for actual births and deaths in the United States.  That’s why there was a systematic effort to deny public access to this database about one year prior to the alleged shootings.   Even copies of the file used by searchable ancestry sites had been altered, and the victims variably inserted. It was this variability that led us to perform a search of the unaltered, original archived version of the MASTER file. The search revealed NO DEATHS in the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre.


USraeli Lies Revealed: OBAMA LIES ABOUT OSAMA!

Liar1Interview with Bin Laden Raid Eyewitness Mohammad Bashir. Watch this interview from Saama TV, Pakistan, with eye witness Mohammad Bashir, a resident of Abbottabad and neighbour to the alleged “compound”where the US government claim Osama bin Laden was hiding. Mohammad gives his eyewitness account of what he saw happen on 2 May 2011 (local time) – an account which fundamentally contradicts the official story.

Russell Crowe Grovels at Pope Francis’ Feet with Tweet Begging Vatican for Screening Noah Movie

Repost from Dancing From Genesis


Russell Crowe has been tweeting Pope Francis begging him to screen his new movie Noah, crowing that the movie is “powerful, fascinating, and resonant,” so the Pope because of his “environmental focus and scholarly knowledge” would appreciate it.

The movie is a horrid bastardization of the biblical narrative in Genesis, not fit to be seen, but for all those who would distort the message of the Word, it’ll be a great flick, surely not the Pope ‘although, yet the Vatican says that Darwinism is true, so really who knows?