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Kiss Egypt’s Revolution Good-Bye

By Dick Eastman
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is ready to lend a billion Euros a year to Egypt for reconstruction and free-market reform — even as Egypt’s Minister of Finance Samir Radwan has gone begging to the City …

Who is the Real Opposition in Egypt?

by Shamus Cooke Global Research, February 6, 2011
The revolution in Egypt erupted like all revolutions do, from the bottom up. It was unemployment and high food prices that propelled working and poor people into action. Now, the media reports that …

Egypt And Mideast – A Villa In The Jungle?

By Uri Avnery
We are in the middle of a geological event. An earthquake of epoch-making dimensions is changing the landscape of our region. Mountains turn into valleys, islands emerge from the sea, volcanoes cover the land with lava.
People are afraid …