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Abraham Against Hope Believed in Hope


Abraham Against Hope Believed in Hope, that he might become the father of many nations! Rom 4: 18
Paul says, “Abraham in despair believed in hope!” Father Abraham wanted a son, and one was promised him, but it was not forthcoming …

Why We Don’t See the Things Jesus Saw!


This video is one of the training videos from The School of Identity and Lifestyle with Pete Cabrera Jr. This shows the students going out after 4 days of teaching and we just let them loose among the crowds and …

Glory in Suffering


By Britt Merrick – When we suffer in this lifetime we need to keep a few things in perspective. Number one: Romans 8:28 … God works all things, even the worst things, together for good for His people. We need …

Why Doesn’t God Give Me A Sign!


A lot of us are not satisfied with the Word of God, but look for a personal sign from God. It’s understandable. Most of us would love to get a private manifestation from Jesus to know that He personally cares …

The “Sleeping” God


Many people have a problem with God in that He seems aloof, or doesn’t seem to care, in general that He is a mystery, a hidden God who doesn’t show Himself. That’s one reason why many people refuse to believe …