Ohio truck driver saw heaven for 45 minutes, then God sent him back

Truck driver Brian Miller, 41, was delivering metal to a warehouse in Streetsboro, Ohio, when he felt a sudden tightness in his chest.
At first he thought the tightness might be due to a frigid blast from the polar vortex or even asthma, but as the pain sharply intensified, he dialed  9-1-1. “I’m a truck driver …


I am only a Stranger Here a I’m a Long Long Way From My Home! – Jordan Page Sings My Heartcry

The Best American Singing Artist SInce Years of Pervert media Industry Oppression!

Many times I get tempted to blame the problems of this world squarely on the undecided, cowardly, “sitting down when they should be standing”, wishy-washy, compromising wicked, but then I realise again that we are only here on a pilgrimage to learn some basic …


Latin Singing Witness for Jesus: Juan Luis Guerra’s hit: “No Hospitals in Heaven!”

I would like to introduce to you all Juan Luis Guerra, the famous Latin Singer from Dominican Republic, who became a Christian and is a loud witness for Jesus. His latest song video is called, “There are no hospitals in heaven!” If I’d ever run into Juan I would tell him to re-record all his …


People’s Glimpses of a Real Heaven in Near Death Experiences

Two videos about what different people saw when they died temporarily and were taken to Heaven. They pretty much all saw similar things! It is sad that some people just don’t believe in the treasures and pleasures of Heaven. Sad that they are filled with bitterness and skepticism toward the One that wants them to …


Rob Bell & traditional Evangelical debate God’s Love or “Vindictiveness”?

Recently I got to listening to some different preachers’ videos, as you can tell. There are as many opinions out there as there are flees on an Irishman’s dog. It reminds me of the verse: “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto …


上帝 The original ‘unknown’ god of China!

An Ancient pictogram script points to the Bible
by Ethel Nelson June 1, 1998 – Source: AIG
Mystery concerns the 450-year-old Temple of Heaven complex in Beijing, China. Why did the emperors sacrifice a bull on the great white marble Altar of Heaven at an annual ceremony, the year’s most important and colourful celebration, the so-called ‘Border …

Even if you die the struggle for Love goes on!

The world is getting more and more evil and falling apart as we speak. Globalist powers assassinate their enemies, threaten free bloggers, murder whole countries, or even an entire conservative group of politicians as most likely happened in the Polish Air Crash! And the list goes on and on.
These evil PTB (powers that be), the …


The Burning Within!

By RaNelle Wallace

On October 9, 1985, RaNelle Wallace (www.ranellewallace.com) and her husband tried to fly their single-engine airplane through a snowstorm in central Utah. They became disoriented and crashed against the side of a mountain, turning their small craft into a raging inferno. Burnt over 75% of her body, charred and …