Israeli scientists recently discovered that 3.500 years ago, the entire History and Future of the Human Race had been encrypted into the Bible text, before it even happened! The original Hebrew text of the Old Testament was encoded in Moses' day, without him realising that the plain text which "the Encoder" dictated to him, contained many double bottoms.
The first hint of the code was discovered by a Prague Rabbi Weissmandel who turned the Bible text into one continuous chain of characters by taking out the spaces. When he cut this 304,805 character text-chain into equal pieces of 50 letters each, the first five lines of the resulting matrix (block of text) began with the letters T-O-R-A-H in each of the 5 books of Moses, which are called the "TORAH" in Hebrew. Uncanny? Wait till you hear the rest!
(Imagine the 50 character wide matrix something like this.)
Two expert Israeli Mathematicians and Statistical scientists, Doron Witztum and Eliyahu Rips, hearing about this phenomenon of what they termed "Equidistant Letter Sequences" (ELS), began cutting the TORAH into other blocks or matrixes to see if they would find other significant ELS-s!
They designed a computer program doing that for them. It searched the Bible-text-chain for other encoded words. The software cut the text-string in sentences of different lengths--other amounts of characters--named "skip codes". Starting with sentences of 1,2,3, etc. up to several hundreds of thousands, they discovered that in different resulting blocks of texts, a number of famous as well as unknown names, events and dates were found SIGNIFICANTLY GROUPED TOGETHER IN THE SAME PLACE IN THE MATRIX, that were RELATED! Repeating this in other random texts like War & Peace, this phenomenon did not occur.
For example, cutting the Bible-text in 64 sentences of a length of 4.772 characters, they found closely situated together, not just the name of murdered Israeli Prime Minister "Yitzak Rabin", but also the word "Amir", which is the name of his assassin, AND "Tel Aviv" the place of his murder, as well as "November 1995", the date of his assassination! Statistically speaking, such an event happening by random chance ("by accident") is so infinitesimally small, that this find was more than significant! Not just that, but with other skipcodes, many other key-words were found crossing with related words in other areas of the Bible. For example many famous people and associated facts or events were in the Code! Also Political and Historic Events!

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