For Elias Rips, the mathematician who discovered the Code, the answer is yes. "The Bible code is firm scientific proof," the mathematician states. "No human being could have encoded the Bible 3.500 years ago and accurately foretold the future." He also said: "If you except the HIDDEN statement in the Bible, then you should also accept the OPEN statement

Drosnin, the sceptic unbelieving reporter who wrote the book said: "There is no way to ignore the fact that a computerized code in the Bible, confirmed by some of the most famous mathematicians in the world, a code that accurately predicted the Gulf War, the collision of a comet with Jupiter, and the assassination of Rabin, also seems to state that the Apocalypse starts NOW, that within a decade we may face the real Armaggedon...a nuclear war."

Drosnin asks: "Is the same God who revealed the future to Joseph, who revealed the future to Daniel, now through the Bible Code also revealing the future to us?"

Josef Miles, who won the Pullitzer Prize with his book "Biography of God", states, "It is the miracle of prediction--fortune telling at the international level--rather than any battlefield miracle that is expected to bring everyone to the worship of the true God!"
He also said the following about the Book of Daniel: "A vast reel of film, whose contents can be known before it is projected."