An earthquake that took place in Japan on 12 July 1993 was found encoded in the Bible with its date as well as the name of its epicentre: "Okushi, July will be shaken" it said. Incidentally, the Code seems to predict a "GREAT EARTHQUAKE" of cataclysmic proportions for Japan in the year 2000 or 2006, triggering a worldwide economic collapse.

"The United States, China, Japan and Israel" writes Michael Drosnin in his book the Bible Code, "are all encoded with 'great earthquake' and years in the near future."
He also found the recent earthquakes in California encoded. About the great San Francisco Quake in 1906 he wrote:
"the words 'fire, earthquake' and 'S.F.Calif' all appear in the same place."
The big recent 1989 quake he found in the code too: The year "1989", was found with the same words.
L.A. Calif," is encoded together with "great earthquake" with "1994", the year that it actually happened, as well as the year "2010"!
China" was encoded with "1976" and "Great Earthquake" and "2000."
Kobe, Japan" was encoded with "Fire, Earthquake", "1995"—the year the great Hanshing Quake there actually took place, and the words "The Big One!"

"Japan and Israel" are found together with "year of the plague" in a Biblical passage about the "End of Days." "Japan" is found with "2000-2006" and "Great Earthquake", as well as with "Economic Collapse" and "Fire, Earthquake struck Japan."

"Economic Collapse" is found only once together with the year "1929" in the same place as the "Great Earthquake."