Public Statement By Eliyahu Rips

I have seen Michael Drosnin's book "The Bible Code".

1) There is indeed serious scientific research being conducted with regard to the Bible Codes.

2) While I did meet and talk to Mr. Drosnin, I did not do joint work with him.

3) I do not support Mr. Drosnin's work on the Codes, nor the conclusions he derives.

4) There is an impression that I was involved in finding the code relating to Prime Minister Rabin's assassination. This is not true.

5) However, I did witness, in 1994, Mr. Drosnin find the tableaux about Prime Minister Rabin, which now appears on the cover of his book.

6) For me, it was a catalyst to ask whether we can, from a scientific point of view, attempt to use the Codes to predict future events. After much thought, my categorical answer is no.* All attempts to extract messages from Torah codes, or to make predictions based on them, are futile and are of no value. This is not only my own opinion, but the opinion of every scientist who has been involved in serious Codes research.

7) The only conclusion that can be drawn from the scientific research regarding the Torah codes is that they exist and that they are not a mere coincidence

8) Mr. Drosnin's book fails to point out that the leading figure in Codes research is Doron Witztum. Therefore, I think it is appropriate that Mr. Witztum should make a statement about the research and answer any questions.

Professor Eliyahu Rips


"The scientific research carried out by Doron Witztum, Yoav Rosenberg, and myself shows that there is a code in the book of Genesis. Details of events that took place thousands of years after the Bible was written are enclosed in the Bible. In a few cases, details of events have been found in the Bible before they happened. My colleague, Doron Witztum, found the exact date that the first SCUD missiles would be launched against Israel, weeks before the Gulf War started. And Michael Drosnin found a prediction of the Rabin assassination encoded in the Bible, and showed it to me more than a year before the prime minister was killed."

-- Dr. Eliyahu Rips
Code Co-Discoverer/Professor of Mathematics
Hebrew University, Jerusalem