What is Heaven really like?
Is Heaven real? Is there a Heavenly Paradise? What will we & Heaven be like? Fast-loading site! Does a Celestial Paradise of Comfort exist? Did people ever return from Shangrila? Is Paradise a Crystal City? Will we ever see our departed loved ones again? Children, (grand)parents, friends? Near Death Experiences & Scriptures prove our dear loved ones live on as see-through spirit bodies in a Heavenly Golden City of Light in omniscient eternal heavenly bliss & pleasure among sexy Angels. Is there Sex in Heaven? How does Heaven relate to Life, the Shroud of Turin, Great Pyramid, the Future of the World, Life after Death, Life before Life? What is Paradise like? Walhalla, Nirvana, Garden of Eden? What will we be like There? How do we get There? Is it only for real religious Churchians? Find out ALL you ever wanted to know about Heaven! The REAL thing! AND that Heaven is actually ONLY for sinners like you and me! Wow!



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  • Where are the Second & the Third Paradise? Are there any more?


    death, dying, drownings, pain, thirst, hunger, physical urges, crying, itchiness, discomfort, disease, sneezing, fever, tirednes, physical handicaps, mosquitoes, lice, flees, cockroaches, waspstings, snakebites, poisons, thorns, thistles, poison ivy, nettles
    rotteness, decaying, dry brown brittle leaves, dirt, elimination, toilets, teethcleaning, showers, shoeshining, soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents, dishwashing, laundry, machines, debris, dust, brooms, dishtowels, mops, tissues, handkerchiefs, dustpans, ashes, cigarettes, smoke, pollution, stink, blood, sweat, tears, sticky heat, freezing cold, hospitals, drearyness, darkness, dangers, accidents, lightnings, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, avalanches, tidal waves, firestorms, floods, etc. dangerous wild animals, undertakers, coffins, cemeteries, funerals, churches, water systems, gaspipes, electricity lines, vacuumcleaners, stoves, cars, telephones, televisions, airports, hollywood, compulsary work, government oppression, violence, riots, police, armies, taxes, insurances, politicians, commerce, merchants, bankers, money, malls, shopping, media, weaponry, wars, except spiritually. no more need to talk, breathe, walk, run, sleep, shower, as all will be LIGHT, CLEAN, FRIENDLY, LOVELY, INSTANTLY DRY, TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION, INSTANT TRANSPORT
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    "Imagine there's no Heaven?? Are you crazy? If there would be no Heaven, why live?
    Why suffer through all our earthly troubles without any purpose whatsoever!?"
    Heaven appears not to be bound by time or space! It doesn't mean that there is no time or space! You're just not bound by it! People who had Near Death Experiences saw Heavenly places with dimensions and some sort of time. When they wanted to be somewhere in these Heavenly regions, they were either instantly there, or could fly there at any chosen speed! No waiting, no delay, no limitations! "Time was no more!" Space was inconsequential. Yet there was space! Those who went there, saw landscapes, cities and heavenly villas--a place to call their own--where they met their departed loved ones again, their children, parents, grandparents, friends and relatives. They saw beautiful fields of gorgeous heavenly green grass with fantastic musical flowers of new unknown colors! Crystal clear water that wasn't wet! Cities without specs of dust or debris, made of see-through gold, with crystal, marble and gemstone floors, filled with celestial music, exquisite arts and amazing crafts. They saw unbelievable architectural wonders, constructions made of unknown materials, which, freed from earthly limitations, defied our gravitation and breakingpoints. Our laws of physics were totally upstaged and swept aside by greater celestial ones! It even appeared that Heaven's reality is what you make it. It wasn't all set in stone, but you could even conjure up your own celestial dreams by your own creative imagination and personal powers of faith!
    Open your heart and mind wide, as you check out the following links to detailed descriptions and peoples' personal experiences of, and spiritual trips to that Heavenly Paradise that awaits us.

    Near Death Experiences reveal that there really is a Heavenly Paradise waiting for us! What are Near Death Experiences or NDE-s! Read amazing accounts from all kinds of people who died for a short time and had visions of; or rather, made actual visits to a Crystal Golden Heavenly City of Light and its translucent inhabitants!

    Heaven or Paradise is described in the Bible as a Crystal Golden City built on a square 1500 Roman miles or 2.200 km long, wide and... HIGH! It is also described as a ""tabernacle" (tent) or "mountain of the Lord!" "There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Because this foursquare golden city would have the same height as its length, it would either have to be a cube, a cone or a giant pyramid. But because it stands on a square foundation, it HAS to be a pyramid!

    How does the Great Pyramid in Egypt relate to Heaven, life and the Future of the World? Get to know its secret symbolisms, as the mystery around this incredible structure and 7th wonder of the world unfolds in amazing Pyramid facts!

    Warning: This site might not suit the views of traditional religions, therefore access is fully on one's own risk! We regret that complaints cannot really be answered. With Love The Publisher

    There is another existence after death! The Utopian "Walhalla" is not just a fairytale made up by religionists who're afraid to die or stop existing! Discover what we and our bodies may be like in Heaven and will become in the coming Heavenly Shangrila of the Millennium! They saw see-through spirit forms and beings of light! Will we receive immortal Heavenly flesh, light and bones? Will there be heavenly food, heavenly elixers, heavenly pleasures and Heavenly sex in Heaven? Do Angels have Sex? Spirit Sex? Or bodily too? Beautiful women, strong handsome men? Re-union with loved ones? NDE Visions of a Crystal Golden City!
Somewhere out there in E=MC²!
    Where is Heaven? Research new spiritual dimensions! Is there more to science than what our 5 senses reveal about our little ball--Earth--in such a huge space of nothingness, the E=MC² Universe? Research Holy Scriptures about Heavenly locations! Where are the First and Second Paradise! Was there a Paradise under the Earth? Is there a Third Heaven in Space? See Heavenly Art of the City New Jerusalem!

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